Study: Oseltamivir helps mice survive H5N1 infection

first_imgJul 18, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – Researchers report that the antiviral drug oseltamivir helped mice survive infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus, boosting hopes that the drug could be an effective weapon if the virus sparked a human flu pandemic.Up to 80% of mice treated with oseltamivir survived the infection, whereas all mice treated with a placebo died, according to a report by a team of leading influenza virus researchers in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.The team also determined that the current strain of the H5N1 virus, which has killed at least 54 people in Southeast Asia in the past 19 months, is much more virulent than the H5N1 strain that killed 6 of 18 people infected in Hong Kong in 1997.The H5N1 virus is regarded as likely to trigger a flu pandemic if it evolves into a form that could pass easily from person to person. If that happens, it will take months to produce a vaccine specific to the virus. In the meantime, oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and similar drugs, called neuraminidase inhibitors, might be the only effective medications for preventing and treating the illness, according to disease experts. Neuraminidase inhibitors block a protein that enables flu viruses to leave host cells.”We need to know whether antiviral drugs can prevent and treat avian flu, because in the early stages of a global outbreak, most people would be unvaccinated,” said Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), which sponsored the study. Fauci was quoted in an NIAID news release.The NIAID said the study is the first published research on the use of oseltamivir against the H5N1 strain now circulating in Vietnam. It was conducted at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis and authored by Hui-Ling Yen, Arnold S. Monto, Robert G. Webster, and Elena A. Govorkova.The investigators used an H5N1 strain derived from a Vietnamese patient who died. They inoculated 80 mice with the virus and treated them with one of three possible dosages of oseltamivir (0.1, 1, or 10 mg/kg of body weight per day) or a placebo. The highest dosage was proportional to the dosage humans receive when treated for the flu. Thirty mice received oseltamivir for 5 days—the same regimen as is recommended for humans—while 30 received the drug for 8 days.Survival rates for the mice depended on their daily dose and regimen length. Five of 10 mice that received 10 mg/kg/day for 5 days survived, but all the mice that received lower doses for 5 days died. Among mice on the 8-day regimen, the survival rates were 1 of 10 on the lowest dose, 6 of 10 on the middle dose, and 8 of 10 on the highest dose.”The eight-day dose of oseltamivir allowed more time for virus levels to fall and less chance for avian flu to rebound after the drug was stopped,” the NIAID said. In mice on the 5-day regimen, analysis of the lungs showed that the virus survived and grew again after the treatment ended. Most of the mice that died had severe neurologic symptoms.The researchers found that oseltamivir was less potent against the 2004 Vietnam strain of H5N1 than it had been against the 1997 Hong Kong strain in a previous mouse experiment at St. Jude’s. Therefore the investigators compared the virulence of the two strains by assessing their growth and infectivity in chicken eggs, canine kidney cells, and mice. They found significantly higher yields for the 2004 strain than the 1997 strain.”The higher brain and blood titers in mice infected with the VN1203/04 [Vietnam 2004] virus indicated a greater propensity toward systemic spread,” the report states. It adds that the higher virulence of the 2004 virus may help explain why oseltamivir didn’t work as well against it.”The H5N1 avian flu viruses are in a process of rapid evolution,” author Govorkova said in the NIAID release. “We were surprised at the tenacity of this new variant.”The researchers also did a genetic analysis to look for any emerging mutations that could make the virus more drug-resistant. They sequenced the neuraminidase and hemagglutinin genes from several viruses isolated from the mice and found no amino-acid changes.The NIAID noted that H5N1 virus was found in the spinal fluid of a Vietnamese boy who died last year, suggesting that the virus is able to infect the human brain. The authors say more research is needed to determine if a higher dosage or longer regimen of oseltamivir might stop the virus from growing in the lungs and spreading to the brain.They conclude that it is “encouraging” that the 2004 virus was sensitive to oseltamivir in mice, even though a longer treatment regimen and higher dosage were required.Yen H, Monto AS, Webster RG, et al. Virulence may determine the necessary duration and dosage of oseltamivir treatment for highly pathogenic A/Vietnam/1203/04 influenza virus in mice. J Infect Dis 2005 Aug 15;192(4):665-72 [Abstract]last_img read more

Media Gush over New Study on Same-Sex Parents. Unfortunately……

first_imgMedia Gush over New Study, Only to Find Same-Sex Parents More Irritated with Their ChildrenPublic Discourse 15 April 2016Family First Comment: Interesting summary by a researcher slammed simply for speaking the truth. “The children of divorce, which has been legal in the US now for many decades, have never appeared comparable—on average—to the children of stably intact households. (The same is true of adoption.) Nor did their advocates insist we agree that they are comparable. In reality, there are kids who navigate all manner of household upheaval and diversity, often emerging scathed but resilient, going on to live productive and emotionally healthy lives as adults. I know lots of them; we all do. They have lived in straight and gay households, as well as those of the rich and poor, black and white. No diligent scholar I know of has stated that same-sex couples make uniformly terrible parents whose efforts at childrearing are doomed to failure. No, what is new here is not the revelation of difference and the tacit acknowledgement that a stable, loving, married mother and father remains an optimal scenario. What’s new is that we are learning that legalized civil same-sex marriage and adoption laws are not enough. We have to agree that “the kids are fine.”A new study of 6-to-17-year-old children of female same-sex households has been rushed to publication and is now making the rounds at the typical outlets, which are proclaiming that now the social science here is truly, genuinely, totally, finally settled. The problem is that the study doesn’t really accomplish anything near what its adoring fans claim it does. In fact, it all but undermines their wish for consensus.Here’s what the new study claims: “No differences were observed between household types on family relationships or any child outcomes.”Here’s what the study actually signals (and it didn’t take a PhD to see it): female same-sex parents report more anger, irritation, and comparative frustration with their (apparently misbehaving) children than do opposite-sex parents.The study in question was published recently in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, and is based on data from the National Survey of Children’s Health, a 2011-12 effort that yielded nearly 96,000 completed surveys of parents in households with children under the age of 18.In the pecking order of good study qualities, it has several things going for it, and I am happy to give credit generously where it is due. First, it focuses on “continuously coupled” households, which were profoundly rare in my 2012 study of 18-to-39-year-old adults answering questions about the households in which they had grown up. That is optimal, no doubt about it.Second, it originates with a nationally representative sample—another big plus. However, when you start with tens of thousands of eligible cases but whittle down to comparing 95 female same-sex households with 95 opposite-sex ones, you quickly arrive at territory where statistical significance is going to be hard to locate. (Indeed, reducing sample size further and further from my original study is exactly how analysts came to proclaim that there was little statistical difference after all.) Basically, (sample) size matters. Yet this one is over twice as large as Charlotte Patterson and Jennifer Wainwright’s matched pattern studies of 44 same-sex households compared with 44 opposite-sex ones.Locating an ample sample of same-sex households with children in population-based studies remains a challenge, inflated assumptions about their real numbers in the population aside. Hence it is still hard to randomly find stably-coupled same-sex households with children almost anywhere except in newspapers and on TV. Despite these common limitations, this study would seem to be an improvement. But it dismally fails to deliver what it proclaims, and it’s no stretch to say that. Why? Several reasons, the first of which is rather stunning.Despite claims to the contrary, same-sex-couple moms display a problem in the study on a measure the authors oddly decided to label “parental stress.” That is, (presumably) lesbian mothers display notably more of it than do opposite-sex parents. The oddity I speak of is why they call the measure “parental stress” in the first place. It is not a measure of stress, and it doesn’t take a psychometrician to see it. Each parent respondent was asked how often in the past month they have:– Felt that their child is much harder to care for than most children his/her age– Felt that their child does things that really bother you a lot– Felt angry with their childThe authors label as “stress” what is far more obviously a three-measure index of irritation and anger (at the child). Why are female same-sex parents more angry at their children than opposite-sex ones? I confess I don’t know. But this study unwittingly reveals that they clearly are. The effect size, moreover, is a “moderate” one, meaning it’s not tiny.The authors even make overtures toward blaming the absent father for the irritation female same-sex parents feel at their children’s behavior. They don’t cite his absence, though. (That cannot matter, right?) Rather, they question his unknown genes and their possible influence on their child’s behavior:The children of divorce, which has been legal in the US now for many decades, have never appeared comparable—on average—to the children of stably intact households. (The same is true of adoption.) Nor did their advocates insist we agree that they are comparable. In reality, there are kids who navigate all manner of household upheaval and diversity, often emerging scathed but resilient, going on to live productive and emotionally healthy lives as adults. I know lots of them; we all do. They have lived in straight and gay households, as well as those of the rich and poor, black and white.No diligent scholar I know of has stated that same-sex couples make uniformly terrible parents whose efforts at childrearing are doomed to failure. No, what is new here is not the revelation of difference and the tacit acknowledgement that a stable, loving, married mother and father remains an optimal scenario. What’s new is that we are learning that legalized civil same-sex marriage and adoption laws are not enough. We have to agree that “the kids are fine.”People think I have it in for the LGBT community(ies). I do not. I have it in for a science that refuses to proceed honestly, and instead shelters privileged groups—as it currently is doing—with a protective shell of administrators, grant-makers, and editors. Hence the Regnerus bashing will continue until further notice. So be it. I may be unpopular—there are more important things in life than that—but about the comparative advantages of stably-married households with mom, dad, and children, I am not wrong. It will take more than smoke, mirrors, and shifty rhetoric to undo the robust empirical truth.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. 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Lecture on Men’s Sexual Health on tonight at UWI

first_img Share LocalNews Lecture on Men’s Sexual Health on tonight at UWI by: – October 20, 2011 Sharing is caring! Share 116 Views   no discussionscenter_img Share Professor Laura Serrant-Green PhD, MA, BA, RGN, PGCEDominican Professor, Laura Serrant-Green, will deliver a Public Lecture on the topic “Men’s Sexual Health: an Essential Part of their Mental Health” at the UWI Open Campus tonight.Professor Serrant-Green holds a PhD in Nursing, Masters of Arts in Women Studies and Bachelor of Arts in Nursing and has extensive knowledge in issues related to social health will discuss the significant relationship between sexual health and mental health, particularly as it relates to men.The lecture is being organised by the Dominica Nurses Association. The Association is organising this lecture as a method of educating citizens of Dominica on their health. This is in keeping with its belief that the health of a nation is a major contribution to its social, economic and educational growth and development.Professor Serrant-Green who is this year’s feature speaker at the Dominica State College’s 9th Commencement Ceremony is one of only ten black professors in the United Kingdom and lectures at the University of Wolverhampton. She is a nurse by profession and is of Dominican parentage, her parents being from St. Joseph.Her broad knowledge and extensive experience in health and social issues is expected to bring much excitement into the discussion among attendees.This public lecture is in keeping with the observance of this month as Mental Health Month. Everyone is invited to attend this personal and professional stimulation lecture which will commence at 7pm.Dominica Vibes News Tweetlast_img read more

‘Shabu’ worth P234-K seized

first_imgAside from suspected shabu, marked moneyworth P500 and cash amounting to P960 were also confiscated from the suspects. BACOLODCity – Seventeen sachets of suspected shabu weighing about twenty nine gramsvalued around P234,400 was seized in a buy-bust operationin Barangay 12. BY MAE SINGUAY AND CYRUS GARDE Residents Samuel Sumagaysay, 38, Melanie DelValle, 40, and Sergio Rivera, 33, yielded the suspected illegal drugs around9:30 p.m. on Feb. 6, a police report showed.center_img They were detained in the lockup cell ofPolice Station 1, facing charges for violation of Republic Act 9165, or theComprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002./PN Antidrug officers inspect items seized from Samuel Sumagaysay, Melanie Del Valle and Sergion Rivera. The suspects were nabbed in an entrapment operation in Barangay 12, Bacolod City on Feb. 6. POLICE STATION 1/ BCPOlast_img read more

Free milk at the Dearborn County Fairgrounds today

first_imgLawrenceburg, IN— There is a milk give away today at the Dearborn County Fairgrounds until 6 pm or the milk is gone.Purdue Extension Officers will be giving out more than 4,300 gallons thanks to a continuing partnership between Prairie Farms, Purdue Extension, and Dearborn County Farm Bureau.last_img

Draws made for the Hurling and Football championships.

first_imgPhoto: Tipperary GAA The draws were made last night for the hurling and football championships.Sixteen teams will compete in Roinn I for the Dan Breen Cup.In group one Clonoulty-Rossmore, Mullinahone will be in with North pair Nenagh Éire Óg and Roscrea. In group two theres Éire Óg Annacarty Kilruane MacDonagh’s, Killenaule along with Toomevara.Group three sees three Mid teams Thurles Sarsfields, Drom & Inch, Upperchurch-Drombane as well as Carrick Swans from the South.In group four Loughmore-Castleiney, Borris-Ileigh, Portroe & Kiladangan will battle it out.The county football championship also has four groups of four.In group one theres Loughmore-Castleiney, Kilsheelan-Kilcash, JK Bracken’s and Drom-Inch.In group two Moyle Rovers, Arravale Rovers, Upperchurch-Drombane and Galtee Rovers will go head to head.In group three its Killenaule, Ballyporeen, Kiladangan as well as Cahir.And in group four Clonmel Commercials, Aherlow Gaels, Ardfinnan and Éire Óg Annacarty will take on each other.The first round of games will take place in Aprillast_img read more

Awogu: Nigerian Premier League Has Grown

first_img• Backs mid-week matchesBy Kunle Adewale  The General Manager of Super Sports, Felix Awogu, has hailed the League Management Company, LMC, for giving Nigerian football fans a league to behold.In a chat with journalists in his office, Awogu said this season’s league has been one of the best in recent years.“This is the best I have seen in a long time. The league has grown; there have been more wins in the league this season than any in our history. The records are there to cross-check. Though, there have been little issues of violence but not as bad as it used to be. These are little hiccups.This is the first time Super sports have done a direct deal with the league. We have gone through third parties before now, but for the first time in the last one year, we have decided to say, ‘let’s work with the league directly, and it is paying off, and we are very happy, and we are going to continue to work in that direction,” Awogu said.Asked if he backs the idea of mid-week matches in our league considering the state of our roads in the country.“I do. First and foremost, you have to look at the fact that midweek matches, especially Friday matches which are very unique have attracted more fans to the stadia than the 4pm matches. It’s an innovation, they have to keep trying things. For the first time, the average attendance in the Nigeria league has hit 15,000. Even the EPL is just about 20,000. There is a growth pattern in the league which we should commend. It is something I will always hit my chest and say yes, I think we have delivered and added value to Nigeria.Awogu indeed frowned over none payment of players’ salaries, saying any one that cannot pay the salaries of players have no business in the league.“Even if they are owned by the government, if government cannot afford it, government should let it go. Get investors to take over. We have small teams like Ikorodu United, which pays salaries as at when due and manages its structure appropriately. They fly the team when they have to fly them to attend matches. Why can’t other teams replicate that? To us, it was an ideal team and when we see teams like Ifeanyi Uba FC, which is a privately owned team, we see El-Kanemi, which has returned to the base, flying for their games, so why can’t they replicate it?“I am of the opinion that it is time the Nigeria teams go on to the stock exchange, sit back and let investors take control. Let the fans own the teams and once they do that, there will be a strong synergy between the fans and the clubs and then the attendance will grow, merchandising will grow. Like I pointed out, is it now time that clubs start hiring a marketing team, a brand manager? For a team like Enyimba FC, two times African champions, what have they done with their brand? These are some of the things that team holistically have to look at and I think it’s is a big job for the LMC,” Awogu said.The Supersports boss craves for the best team to win the league. “We are supporters of the league; we support every team in the league. We want the best team that can represent Nigeria appropriately and possibly win in the continent. It has been a long time since Enyimba won the CAF Champions League and there’s a lot of money there. You win the CAF Champions League, you get about 2 million USD, you go for the international championship, you get about 10 million USD, it is a huge investment inflow into the Nigerian economy if we can get a team to qualify to win the championship in Africa and also go for the World Club Cup. To us, that will be massive. It’s not just about the LMC, it’s about the federation and the Ministry of Sports putting heads together and seeing how these things will work,” he advised.He also threw more light on some of the challenges Supersports is faced with when covering matches in troubled areas like the North-east.“Security is improving and for the first time in four years, three major roads were opened in Maiduguri. So, things are changing. If the roads are being opened in Maiduguri, it means our Outside Broadcasting; OB vans will be able to drive into Maiduguri. If you look at an OB van for instance, it will probably cost you about 10m dollars to acquire a standard one with high definition compliments.“Our roads are not the best in the world, but we have been all over Nigeria. We were in Kano to cover some matches and shows highlights from Maiduguri. Not that we are not there but it is not yet time to move the OB facilities. If peace returns, which we have been praying for, I think the first thing we will do is take ‘Let’s Play’ with my team to go and give the children some football, let them have something to identify with, let them find some solace, some joy, after many years of stress,” he noted.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Shane Warne bats for D/N Adelaide test when India tour Australia in 2020

first_imgAdvertisement ic0nNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs2xejWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Ecaa6( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 8y97Would you ever consider trying this?😱n80xCan your students do this? 🌚1fmbvRoller skating! Powered by Firework Legendary Aussie spinner Shane Warne wants the Indian team to play a Day-Night Test match in Adelaide next year. The former Rajasthan Royals captain congratulated both BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and India skipper Virat Kohli for India’s maiden pink-ball Test against Bangladesh at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.Advertisement “Congrats to you and @imVkohli on agreeing to play a day/night test. I hope there’s another one next summer in Adelaide when India tour Australia on @FoxCricket- Would be amazing buddy!” Warne replied to Ganguly’s tweet.Advertisement Even former England captain Michael Vaughan also expressed his desire to see the Men in Blues playing a Test match under the lights in Australia next winter.“Well done Sourav .. look forward to a couple in Aussie next winter,” Vaughan replied to Ganguly’s tweet.After the end of second day’s play, India are in a commanding position thanks to a sublime hundred by Virat Kohli (130). The hosts declared their innings at 347/9 in the second session of day, after bowling out Bangladesh for a mere 106 yesterday. The guests meanwhile in their second innings, have managed to register 152 for the loss of 6 wickets, and still trail by 89 runs.Ishant Sharma was yet again the pick among the bowlers with 4 wickets for just 39 runs and will be eager to wrap up the game as early as possible tomorrow.  Advertisementlast_img read more

Dropouts, withdrawals lead to calls for WTA rules changes

first_imgMOST READ Palace OKs total deployment ban on Kuwait OFWs Martina Kehoe, with the WTA, examines Monica Puig, of Puerto Rico, during Puig’s match against Spain’s Carla Suarez Navarro in the semifinals of the Connecticut Open tennis tournament Friday, Aug. 24, 2018, in New Haven, Conn. Puig withdrew from the match in the first set. (Catherine Avalone/New Haven Register via AP)NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Connecticut Open tournament director Anne Worcester heard the same story over and over last week from top players who had committed to her event, the final WTA tuneup before the U.S. Open.They had an injury or an illness and while it was nothing serious, with the major in New York coming up … well, you understand.ADVERTISEMENT View comments Gov’t in no rush to rescue animals in Taal Worcester said the real issue is the WTA’s circuit structure and long season.In addition to the majors, the WTA has four Premier Mandatory events: Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid and Beijing. A player must also compete in four of the Premier 5 tournaments — Doha, Rome, Wuhan, Montreal and Cincinnati — and two of 12 other premier events, of which New Haven is one.That would be fine, Worcester said, if they weren’t also being drawn into so many other smaller tournaments around the world. That, she said, results in tired and injured players who end up missing or dropping out of premier-level events.“We have too many international-level tournaments on the WTA Tour, with a play-down rule that is nowhere near as strong as it needs to be,” she said. “Players should only be allowed to play down to that international level in very specific, discrete situations and right now it’s too easy for too many top-10 players to play down.”Worcester said she’s been told the WTA may add a couple more premier-level dates earlier in the summer, which could allow Connecticut to move away from the week before the U.S. Open.She’d also like to find a structure that would allow top players who play deep into one tournament the ability to get an extra day of rest before the next tournament. That would mean adjusting the size of the main draw to allow more byes.The WTA, asked to respond to the criticism, issued a statement saying it is always willing to look at changes that will make the tour better.“It is disappointing when withdrawals occur as the players want to compete and we want our fans to be able to count on seeing their favorite stars at their local tournaments,” the organization said. “We are confident that our calendar allows players to commit to a schedule that best suits their individual needs and goals while delivering an exciting product to our fans.”___ Sixth-seeded Ashleigh Barty, seventh-seeded Kiki Bertens — who won just days before in Cincinnati — and Johanna Konta all withdrew, citing a virus.Others tried, but couldn’t make it through the week. American CoCo Vandeweghe, who like Halep received a wild card into the tournament, retired from her first-round match with an ankle injury. Three-time champion and third-seeded Petra Kvitova made it to the quarterfinals before leaving after one set with a sore shoulder. Reigning Olympic champion Monica Puig left her semifinal match after eight games with an abdominal strain.As a result, Carla Suarez Navarro made it to Saturday’s final while completing just one full match and fewer than four sets.Worcester said she believed all of those who dropped out wanted to play and were not making frivolous decisions. Many top players prefer not to play at all the week before a Grand Slam, and those that do tend to be cautious with anything that could prevent them from playing for the bigger title, prize money and prestige.All those who dropped out of New Haven, where the champion receives just over $136,000, are expected to play in New York, where players earn $20,000 more than that just for winning two singles matches.ADVERTISEMENT Gretchen Barretto’s daughter Dominique graduates magna cum laude from California college Worcester believes it’s time for the WTA to look at its rules and its schedule and consider making some changes to better serve the tournaments that want to put on a good show, the fans who spend money to see top players and the players who are often stretched too thin over an 11-month season.“It’s not just our week, the week before the U.S. Open,” she said. “If you look at the women’s tennis tour, especially this summer, there have been too many withdrawals and retirements.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSJapeth Aguilar wins 1st PBA Finals MVP award for GinebraSPORTSTim Cone still willing to coach Gilas but admits decision won’t be ‘simple yes or no’The problem was acute in New Haven. The tournament lost top seed Simona Halep, who withdrew on Monday after playing in two consecutive finals. The official reason was a sore right Achilles.“It’s tough to make this decision,” Halep said. “But I have to. I have to rest.” DepEd’s Taal challenge: 30K students displaced Judy Ann’s 1st project for 2020 is giving her a ‘stomachache’center_img Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Guiao, cagers go all out vs Koreans Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next LATEST STORIES Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew Will you be the first P16 Billion Powerball jackpot winner from the Philippines? Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. ‘High crimes and misdemeanors’: Trump impeachment trial begins Peza offers relief to ecozone firmslast_img read more

September 18 is D Day

first_imgDear Editor,My question will be very short. I just wish to know who will be held accountable when an accident occurs on the corners of Alexander and Charlotte Street. It has been months now, if not longer since “STOP” signs on both streets have been sending the same command to vehicles heading north and west; cutting across each other, with no indication as to who has the legal right -of -way.I am always left in awe at simple yet potentially catastrophic mistakes like these. I bang my head to wonder whether the person (s) who authorised and/or placed the stop signs did not see that both streets were giving the command or whether he cared to notice or whether he even knew what he was doing?Should a collision occur at the corner of Alexander and Charlotte Streets, is the state prepared to compensate drivers for this ridiculous faux pas on the part of its agents?Thank you,Zena Henrylast_img read more