Canadian court revives case of deported Sri Lankan accused of killing wife

After the second-degree murder charge was stayed, Thanabalasingham was judged a danger to society and a flight by immigration authorities and was immediately arrested. The Crown appealed the stay, but he was deported in July 2017 before the appeal could be heard.Quebec’s appellate court subsequently rejected the Crown’s appeal, declaring that in Thanabalasingham’s absence his prosecution had become irrelevant and theoretical. In 2017, Thanabalasingham avoided trial for the alleged murder of his wife when the Quebec Superior Court ruled the nearly 60-month delay between his arrest and the start of his trial was unreasonable. The Supreme Court’s 2016 Jordan ruling set a 30-month limit between the laying of charges and a trial for Superior Court cases. Thanabalasingham’s wife, Anuja Baskaran, had been found dead in the couple’s home in 2012 with knife wounds to her neck. Quebec public prosecutor’s office said it is satisfied with the court’s decision. Spokesman Jean Pascal Boucher said his office will continue to work to ensure justice is served in the case. “The order for a ‘new’ trial that the Crown seeks is simply not susceptible of being executed,” Justice Allan Hilton wrote for the Court of Appeal majority in 2017. “There is no factual basis before us to believe that such a trial will or could plausibly ever happen. I would accordingly dismiss the appeal because it is now moot.”In a ruling from the bench, the Supreme Court said the lower court’s decision was wrong. “It remains a current litigation even if the accused’s return to Canada is not probable,” Chief Justice Richard Wagner said on behalf of the court.The fact Thanabalasingham was deported to Sri Lanka — which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Canada — doesn’t make the case theoretical, Wagner said. Despite no longer being in Canada, a Sri Lankan national who had his murder charge stayed because of unreasonable delays in his trial isn’t done with the Quebec justice system just yet.Canada’s highest court has ruled the murder case of Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham should be sent back to the Quebec Court of Appeal, the Ottawa Citizen reported. read more

Brock reminding students to be smart stay safe on St Patricks Day

Brock University is taking a proactive approach to keeping students safe on St. Patrick’s Day.For those who choose to partake in March 17 festivities, several campus departments and community groups have procedures in place to ensure students are celebrating responsibly.The Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU), Campus Security, Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre, Student Life and Community Experience, and Residence will have all hands on deck with extra security, first-aid personnel, and student health and consent educators.Free pizza, water and Gatorade will also be provided in various locations throughout the day.“We want students to stay safe, be responsible and watch out for one another,” said Curtis Gadula, Director of Student Life and Communications for BUSU.Brock’s community efforts will be amplified in high student-density areas through a partnership with the Niagara Regional Police, providing additional officers both on and off campus.“We’re ensuring an enhanced police presence in areas that are known to be of concern,” said Darryl Veld, Manager of Student Affairs.“Brock students and staff members will be canvasing neighbourhoods with a high volume of students to drop off garbage tags, recycle and garbage bags, taxi numbers, responsible drinking information and emergency contact numbers.”Brad Clarke, Director of Student Life and Community Experience, met with the City of Thorold and City of St. Catharines recently to provide an overview of Brock’s strategic community plan for the day.Among the highlights are extra security staff and Brock staff members available to address concerns within the community, as well as key messaging encouraging safe consumption and responsible citizenship running on official university social media accounts.“We’re taking the steps to prevent any harm to our students and being really proactive about their safety,” said Gadula.University Road East in front of Isaac’s Bar & Grill patio will be closed for a St. Patrick’s Day event. Doors open at 10 a.m. and will close at 5 p.m. BUSU security, campus security and the NRP will be on site throughout the day.Questions and concerns from the community can be directed to the Off-Campus Living and Neighbourhood Relations office at 905-688-5550 x3721 or emailed to read more