Jenkins receives 2011 Diversity Award

first_imgAccording to a University press release, University president Fr. John Jenkins was one of 14 individuals to receive a 2011 Champion of Diversity award from Indiana Minority Business Magazine (IMBM). Jenkins was recognized by the magazine at a Jan. 14 ceremony in Indianapolis. The magazine honored the award recipients as “leaders in their respective fields, not only because they excel at what they do, but also because they are inclusive,” according to Shannon Williams, president and general manager of IMBM. “This year’s esteemed group of awardees has promoted diversity with their hiring practices, outreach programs or have individually transcended racial or gender barriers,” she said. Jenkins, in his sixth year as University president, acted upon the recommendations of two University committees to enact initiatives designed to enhance support for a diverse faculty. These initiatives were based upon reports prepared by the University Committee on Cultural Diversity and the University Committee on Women Faculty and Students. Jenkins was recognized for the appointments of Don Pope-Davis, vice president, associate provost and professor of psychology, and Susan Ohmer, William T. and Helen Kuhn Carey Associate Professor of Modern Communication and assistant provost, to oversight roles for efforts related to faculty of color and women faculty, respectively. Their posts involve close coordination with deans, department chairs and others in faculty recruitment, hiring, retention, mentoring and development. The award also honored the creation of the Moreau Academic Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, which is a two-year research, teaching and mentoring initiative for scholars studying or representing diverse groups. Another initiative recognized by the magazine was the Dual Career Assistance Program, which assists the spouses of recently hired full-time faculty and staff find potential employment opportunities in the area or at Notre Dame. “The intellectual interchange that is essential to a university requires, and is enriched by, the presence and voices of diverse scholars and students,” Jenkins said last year. “Beyond the benefits diversity brings to all universities, we hold this commitment also because Notre Dame is a Catholic university.” Jenkins was elected president-elect of the University by the Board of Trustees on April 30, 2004, and became the University’s 17th president on July 1, 2005.last_img read more

Macron pays tribute to de Gaulle on WWII battle anniversary

first_imgThe president did not wear an anti-virus mask for the occasion to mark the battle’s 80th anniversary, but he and a handful of other participants observed a safe social distance. Europe has been hard hit by the coronavirus outbreak, with more than half the global death toll of over 300,000 in what is described as the biggest crisis since WWII.The health emergency has seen the continent, and much of the rest of the world, impose strict lockdowns that have devastated economies to an extent not seen in peace time.Eighty years ago, de Gaulle launched a resistance army from abroad as France’s wartime leader Philippe Petain capitulated to the Nazis, which occupied large swathes of the country.The general-turned president is a personal hero of Macron, who features de Gaulle’s war memoirs on his desk in his official photograph, and had the Cross of Lorraine — a symbol of the Free French Forces — added to the logo of the Elysee Palace.Sunday’s event was Macron’s first official outing unrelated to the coronavirus outbreak in over two months.He will mark two more de Gaulle anniversaries this year — his Appeal of 18 June from exile in London for French citizens to resist, and the 50th anniversary of the general’s death on November 9. It is near the site of the Battle of Montcornet, where French fighters inflicted heavy losses on German troops and briefly stalled their advance before ultimately being defeated.Though lost, the battle is considered one of few effective counter-attacks by French soldiers against the Nazis, and de Gaulle himself later said it was the moment that hope returned to the campaign.Even as the Paris government of the day capitulated before the German military might, a then-unknown colonel de Gaulle embodied the French spirit: “Fiercely free and proud, determined and unwavering,” said Macron.He laid a wreath at a monument honoring France’s war dead, and commended the military bravery that ultimately allowed the country to shake off its Nazi occupation. President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute Sunday to World War II resistance hero Charles de Gaulle at the site of a key battle he said epitomized French resilience in the face of overwhelming odds.Macron took time out from directing the country’s latest battle, against the coronavirus, to hail his predecessor’s courage in taking the fight to Nazi soldiers sweeping across western Europe in the early years of the war. “De Gaulle tells us that France is strong when it knows its destiny, when it stays united, when it searches the path of cohesion…” Macron said in the town of La-Ville-aux-Bois-les-Dizy in northeast France.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Cavaliers, NBA’s biggest laughingstock, fire another coach

first_imgBlatt was hired at Gilbert’s direction to develop what they thought would be their young team.Telling his people to think out of the box, they went all the way to Maccabi Tel Aviv to make Blatt the first NBA coach from Europe.Gilbert, who had pined for LeBron James’ return since he left in 2010, had decided it was finally time to move on … just as Bron began thinking about coming home from Miami.The Cavs were so out of it, they didn’t even save a maximum salary slot, much less ask James’ Cleveland-based people what Bron thought about hiring Blatt.Guess who turned out to be coming back to dinner?James’ return was only the latest act in an astounding run of luck that began in 2003, when the Cavs drew the No. 1 pick to get him.They have since drawn three more No. 1 overall picks, in 2011 (Irving), 2013 (Anthony Bennett) and 2014 (Wiggins), to go with two more in the top five in 2011 (Tristan Thompson) and 2012 (Dion Waiters).Their good fortune extended beyond that.Bron, who left in 2010, was so keen to come home in 2014, he forgave Gilbert’s never-to-be-forgotten rant, assailing “the cowardly betrayal” by the “so-called King.”Unfortunately, that left Blatt in a shotgun marriage with James, who kept him at a distance from day one.Deciding he needed the ball, Bron moved Kyrie aside and began running the offense without even mentioning it to Blatt.“No, I can do it on my own,” quoth Bron. “I’m past those days where I have to ask.”Blatt still got them to the Finals through the lame East draw in the only way he could — by accepting whatever James wanted.There remains a wide gulf between what the Cavaliers are and what they need to be.Last week they had the defending champion Warriors right where they wanted them.The game was in Cleveland. The Cavs were healthy at last after falling in the Finals without Kevin Love and, for all but one game, Irving.On top of that, they were ticked off at Steph Curry, who fired them up, saying he hoped the dressing room where they celebrated last spring’s title still smelled like champagne.The Warriors led by 43 points and won, 132—98.Steph outscored Bron, 35-16, dropping threes from ever farther out when the Cavs took ever harder fouls, with J.R. Smith ejected for running through a Harrison Barnes screen.For all the second-guessing that led to Blatt’s dismissal, the Cavs have a basic problem:The 40-4 Warriors, not to mention the 38-6 Spurs, play the game at a higher level.The Warriors’ 28.9 assists per game are the most in 26 seasons.Their Curry-Draymond Green pick-and-roll eviscerates defenses, with two defenders invariably going to Steph, giving Draymond his choice of open teammates (Klay Thompson in one corner, Barnes or Andre Iguodala in the other, Andrew Bogut or Festus Ezeli under the basket.)The Cavs’ idea of moving the ball is passing it around the outside.The Warriors and Spurs keep defenses on their heels, at their mercy.The Cavs fall back on isolations that attack loaded defenses, depending on Bron’s sheer talent.A Bron-Kyrie pick-and-roll would be devastating, but the Cavs don’t ever run it.James likes to attack from the top like a point guard. It remains to be seen if he’ll be more flexible for new Coach Ty Lue than he was for Blatt.If not, Gilbert will think of something else.If you can’t see him behind his curtain like the Wizard of Oz, you can always tell he’s around.Mark Heisler has written an NBA column since 1991 and was honored with the Naismith Hall of Fame’s Curt Gowdy Award in 2006. His column is published Sundays in Los Angeles News Group print editions. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Last week saw the firing of Coach David Blatt — after one season plus 41 games, seven months after taking them to the Finals, with the Cavs sitting No. 1 in the East.Blatt was actually on the job for a while, for a Cavs coach.Mike Brown, his predecessor, was fired after one season — in his second tour of duty with them, having been originally fired in 2010.• RELATED: Lakers’ Byron Scott puzzled over Cavaliers firing David BlattOwner Dan Gilbert stayed out of sight, as usual, but couldn’t hide the fact that he’s the problem if he went to Mars.center_img It’s been a long down period for the East in the 17 seasons since the Bulls’ heyday with Michael Jordan, in which the West has won 12 titles.The No. 1 problem is the Cavaliers who have been lucky enough for all the East teams put together as fortune delivered the game’s brightest young stars from LeBron James to Kyrie Irving to Andrew Wiggins.With them, the Cavaliers, the game’s highest-level laughingstock, have done … zilch.This is how.last_img read more

England under 16s show their fighting qualities

first_img26 Oct 2012 England under 16s show their fighting qualities England’s emerging young golfers displayed their fighting qualities by completing a clean sweep of the autumn under 16 home internationals. . The squad travelled to Llanwern and won 9-3 against Wales, then battled back to triumph 10-5 against Scotland at Pannal before coming from behind to beat Ireland 10-6 at Huddersfield. “I was very pleased with the boys over all three matches,” said under 16 squad manager Nick Over. “I was especially pleased with the way they responded when trailing against the Scots and Irish. “The Welsh match was different in that we fielded a young and inexperienced team containing four 14 year olds and four 15 year olds. In the other two matches we had our top under 16 players but it was good experience for all the squad.” Only in the Wales match did the English boys build a lead in the foursomes, going into the singles 3-1 ahead. In the other matches they needed to come from behind to secure impressive victories. “I was disappointed with our performance in the foursomes and fourballs,” added Over. “The Scots fielded five strong pairs in the foursomes and outplayed us, but the lads got their heads down and we turned it around in the singles.” The Scottish match is always closely contested and England trailed 3-2 after the morning foursomes. But they won seven of the ten singles and halved two more to complete the 10-5 victory. Bradley Moore from Derbyshire and Northumberland’s Jake Storey, the under 16 champion, won both their games, while Hampshire’s Jack Singh Brar was unbeaten after halving one of his. In the two-day match at Huddersfield, the Irish took a commanding lead by winning all four of the first day foursomes, while the fourballs were shared 2-2, leaving the visitors 6-2 ahead going into the eight singles. But the England boys came fighting back, winning all eight contests, Moore gaining the biggest margin with a 7 and 6 success over Neil McKinistry while Ashton Turner won the top single 5 and 4 over Karl Eccles . .last_img read more


first_imgNo. 1. Let’s get our boys to pull up their pants,No. 2. Children and young adults should address older adults with Sir and Ma’am!No. 3. Children raised with respect don’t swear, drink, smoke or do drugs around adults (Or for that matter when they’re not around adults).Sounds simple huh? Well then do it!!:09 Well boys and girls you know I made the big leagues when Mr. Will Thomkins is not only reading “Overtime,” but he had the nerve to challenge “you-know-who” on the Top 10 All-Time Pittsburgh City League Guards list. But Will, if you continue to challenge me you will be back in the hallway trying to get in. And you can take that to the bank.:08 The owner for the Orlando Magic had the melons to say he respected Dwight Howard’s decision to stay with the team, and that it’s hard to find players that show loyalty. Meanwhile five minutes later the Lakers send Derek Fisher and his five rings packin’ like he meant nothing…loyalty…C’mon man!:07 Can you feel it?…Can you feel it? …Can you feel it??? “Tiger” is coming! He’s in the hunt. Still the No. 1 draw, gets paid a million just to show up…it’s just a matter of time. Once he wins his next major the other four he needs to pass Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus will fall in place.:06 Are you all watching Blake Griffin from the LA Clippers? This man is simply out of his mind, I mean crazy mad skills. And he makes it look easy. Y’all ain’t watching! He did a 360 in mid air and dunked the ball about two feet from the hoop. Even “Flyin’ Myron Brown” couldn’t do that the year he won the CBA Slam Dunk title at 6’3”…say what!?!? Neal what I tell you about that mmmaaannn!!! My bad Myron!:05 Two weeks ago everyone of you swore you would never watch a Steelers game again because they cut Hines Ward…I ain’t heard a word since. You don’t care about Hines. Not for real, for real, you were just pretending you did.:04 Requested by popular demand here’s your Top 10 list. You want it, you got it. The Top 10 Greatest Entertainers gone…not forgotten…but should not be gone…you know what I am saying???1. Michael Jackson 2. Whitney Houston 3. David Ruffin 4. Jimmy Hendrix 5. Sam Cooke 6. Jim Morrison 7. Janis Joplin 8. Marvin Gaye 9. Billie Holiday 10. Roger & Larry Troutman:03 I promised you more stuff about Wilt “The Big Dipper” Chamberlain…so hhheeerrrreee we go.•Led the league in scoring at 50 points a game. The next year he lead the league in assists because they said he didn’t pass enough!•Led the league in scoring and rebounding. Huh! Once had 59 rebounds in one game•Is considered the strongest man to ever play basketball•Has roughly 21 pages of records he set. About 1/3 of them will never be broken and he hasn’t played in 40 years and he’s been dead 10 of the 40•And yes he scored 100 points in a game and for those of you who continue to say he only did all that because he was so big and dominant and there was no one to contest him, try telling that to Bob Lanier, Walt Bellamy, Nate Thurmond, Wes Unseld, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Russell just to name a few. If you know, you know…now shut-up!!!:02 Heaven’s Hoopers just got another shooting guard, Frank Davis, aka “Rev.” just joined the team high above the rim. That gives them their city boy with no fear that can shoot the lights out and score with either hand, old school style. “Rev.” gone but not forgotten…keep shootin’. Blessings to Frank Jr. and the family.:01 Speaking of that, (that’s right you knew it was coming) here’s the line up of the Pittsburgh players that got traded to their last team: Maurice Lucas at center, Kenny Durrett at small forward, Armon Gilliam at strong forward, Jeep Kelly at the 2-guard and Larry “Byrd” Richardson at the point. There’s no bench, these guys come in when “The Fallen Angel” turns up the heat; George Harvey, John Farley, Thomas “June Bug” Howard and Darnel “Slinky” Turner.:00 DOUBLE OVERTIME—“At the Buzzer”—The Volley with the Starrs Volleyball Tournament—Sat. March 24 at the Penn Hills YMCA 12-4 come have some fun for charity—First Friday, April 6 at JT’s Joint at The Club Monroeville—Starring D.J. Mean Gee and The New Fabulous Diamond Models (Chuck Sanders and Rod Rutherford you won’t want to miss the new crew) $10 Donation-Free Parking-Cash Bar-Cash Kitchen-Complete Soul Food Menu-50/50-Prizes and Surprises -Lot’s of Dancin… Eatin…and Drinkin-Old School Style Only-Special Guest The Pittsburgh United Rays Corvette Club and the Soul Train Dance Line and oh yea it’s Sharon’s Birthday ya’ll—(Special Note: Artistree will not be performing).~ Game Over ~ :10 I am not letting go people. I am focused here and I am not going to let go until the public says so. Right now I am getting about 20 e-mails a day telling me to keep up the pressure. As a people…with great history…with a past of Kings and Queens, we can do this. Reclaim your son. Make him understand the importance of a clean image, pride and self respect. BILL NEALlast_img read more