Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s Remarks at Independence Hall

first_imgPennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s Remarks at Independence Hall Papal Visit,  Remarks For pictures from the governor’s World Meeting of Families 2015 weekend, visit the official Governor Tom Wolf Flickr account.Philadelphia, PA – Governor Tom Wolf and First Lady Frances Wolf today welcomed Pope Francis at the airport and attended Pope Francis’ mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. Prior to Pope Francis’ arrival at Independence Hall for the Moment of Religious Freedom event, Governor Wolf delivered the following remarks:Thank you very much, Father, and welcome, everyone. What a joyous day. Welcome to Pennsylvania. All of you back there, too. Welcome. I am so proud to welcome all of you to this great commonwealth, and I am especially grateful to the Holy Father for coming here for these two days to Pennsylvania. By his visit – and by his many actions as Pontiff – he is reaffirming the noble values that this place symbolizes.Behind me is Independence Hall. This was the home of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for many years. The Liberty Bell once rang out from its tower. The second Continental Congress met here. The Constitution of 1787 was drafted here. This is a place of freedom. It is also a place of welcome.The Commonwealth whose government met here was founded, as the mayor said, by William Penn. Its very existence was premised on the idea of freedom of conscience. Pennsylvania was established by Penn as a refuge for people who wanted to escape the oppression of the Old World.It was a place that welcomed people looking for somewhere to worship God in their own way and Pennsylvania grew as a result.We Pennsylvanians showed that granting freedom of religion was not simply sound from a moral point of view. It was also smart public policy.Pennsylvania’s economy flourished as a result and so did its religious institutions. This place, Pennsylvania, became a magnet for great leaders with visions that transcended time. As the mayor said, John F. Kennedy spoke here in 1962. Nelson Mandela spoke here. Abraham Lincoln stopped here on his way to his 1861 inauguration. And in fact, as the mayor pointed out, he spoke from that lectern when he delivered the Gettysburg Address just a few miles west of here in 1863.This is an important neighborhood too. The National Constitution Center is back there. The African American Museum is over here . The National Museum of American Jewish History is over here. And of course the present home of the Liberty Bell is right here.It is therefore fitting that Pope Francis makes this one of his new world destinations. This is a place of history and significance. But more than that, it is a place of strong values, high ideals and values that pay tribute to the Holy Father’s focus on justice, fairness, openness, and welcome.Pope Francis reminds us all of what it is to be human in its most exalted ways. And so does this place.The Holy Father suggests that we should organize our lives in ways that promote fairness and justice. This place tells us that we should govern ourselves according to those very same values.The Holy Father tells us that the world is potentially very, very noble precisely because it is made up of ordinary souls. This place tells us that a government so founded should aspire to that same nobility.The Holy Father tells us that we can be better than we often are. This place tells us that our government can be better, too.So, I am honored and proud to welcome all of you to Pennsylvania and the Holy Father, too. This is a big event for all of us in Pennsylvania, and I know it is a big event for all of you.In a few moments, Pope Francis will give his message. He will inspire us with his thoughts on freedom and justice and welcome, and he will reaffirm the commitment each of us must make, as he did this morning at mass, to the better world it is our job, individually, to build. *These remarks have been slightly edited for clarity.For updates on Governor Wolf’s WMOF weekend, follow @GovernorTomWolf on Twitter.For pictures from the governor’s World Meeting of Families 2015 weekend, visit the official Governor Tom Wolf Flickr account.### September 26, 2015 SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

PB County Commission on Ethics (COE) hear complaints

first_imgThe Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics (COE) took the following actions at its monthly public meeting held on November 2, 2017.Four complaints were heard in the executive session. These were: C17-018:  The COE reviewed and considered the investigative report, probable cause recommendation, and statements of the COE advocate. The COE issued a letter of instruction and dismissed the complaint finding that the violation was unintentional, inadvertent, or insubstantial.C17-019:  The COE reviewed and considered the investigative report, probable cause recommendation, and statements of the COE advocate. The COE issued a letter of instruction and dismissed the complaint finding that the violation was unintentional, inadvertent, or insubstantial.C17-028:  The COE reviewed and considered the investigative report, probable cause recommendation, and statements of the COE advocate. The COE issued a letter of instruction and dismissed the complaint finding that the violation was unintentional, inadvertent, or insubstantial.C15-023:  The COE reviewed and considered the investigative report, probable cause recommendation, and statements of the COE advocate. The COE found probable cause existed and dismissed the complaint as the public interest would not be served by proceeding further.RQO 17-015: Two members of the town of Jupiter Planning and Zoning Commission asked:1)     Would it violate the misuse of office prohibitions or the voting conflicts prohibitions for them to  participate in discussions or vote on proposed amendments to a previously approved planned unit development (PUD) when they are named parties in a circuit court action filed against the Town of Jupiter by a not-for-profit citizen’s group, Citizen Owners of Love Street (COOLS), challenging the procedural correctness of the 2016 project approval by the Jupiter Town Council, and they are both also listed as officers or directors of COOLS?2)     Would such a vote under these conditions violate the corrupt misuse of official positions prohibitions under the Code of Ethics?3)     Did their motion, participation in discussions and vote at the July 11, 2017, PZC meeting concerning tabling the issue of the Love Street PUD amendments until they were able to obtain an advisory opinion from the COE as to whether they were precluded from participating in discussions or voting on the Love Street PUD amendments, constitute a violation of the voting conflicts section of the Code of Ethics?The COE opined as follows:(1)   No. Such actions will not result in a prohibited “special financial benefit” to themselves or to any other person or entity set forth in §2-443(1-7) of the Code, including COOLS.(2)   No. The fact that an official holds a well-known position on a controversial issue, and takes that position in discussions or votes concerning that issue, does not make those actions a “corrupt misuse” of their official position by being “inconsistent with the proper performance of their public duties,” even where that position is in the minority among voting members, so long as they receive no prohibited special benefit by these actions.(3)   No. The motion to table was not a discussion or vote on the relevant matter of the Love Street PUD amendment itself, and it also did not provide an improper benefit to them or to COOLS.RQO 17-022: A city of Delray Beach employee asked if the city is prohibited from accepting a donation of streetlights and other lighting components from a company located in Delray Beach.The Commission On Ethics opined as follows:  The Code of Ethics does not prohibit the city from accepting a donation of streetlights identical to the ones used throughout the city from the company as long as the donation is determined to have a public purpose and the general contractor providing the streetlights does not receive any unlawful benefit for providing such goods.For recent article on Palm Beach County, click the link: Palm Beach County launches challenge to end homeless youthlast_img read more

Nimbaians Dissociate from PYJ’s ‘Coup Plot’ Allegation

first_imgA cross section of prominent Nimbaians, in a strongly worded statement issued late Sunday night, denounced recent allegations made by Senator Prince Y. Johnson implicating fellow Senator, Thomas Grupee, of conspiracy.The statement was signed by prominent citizens hailing from Nimba, including Harrison S. Karnwea, Sr., Dr. Marcus S. G. Dahn, Yarsuo Weh-Dorliae, Peter Z. N. Karmei, Johnson N. Gwaikolo, Dr. Federick Norkeh, Cllr. Zehyee B. Dehkie, Dehpu Zuo, Dr. Kardiker Rex K. Dahn, Saye M. Zarwolo, Madam Estella Flomo Wehye and Ben Matalda.“We the people of Nimba County denounce all forms of insurgency, belligerence, and violence. We are determined to defend the state, sustain security, peace, unification, and solidarity amongst all citizens of Liberia,” the statement said.While it is true that Nimbaians at home and in the Diaspora are disturbed by their Senator’s revelations, they are also concerned and overwhelmed that these utterances are emanating from a senator of a county, who should be laboring with his peers at the National Legislature to ensure peace and progress for Liberia.They have at the same time, reaffirmed their unflinching loyalty to the Liberian state, noting with great satisfaction that the government has made significant progress in sustaining peace, promoting national reconciliation, and in building the state.However, they have called on the government to investigate the allegations by Senator Johnson regarding alleged conspiracy to destabilize the Liberian State.“We urge our government and its security forces to take these revelations seriously; and to conduct full investigation with findings publicly reported to dispel any suspicions and fears amongst the citizens of Liberia,” the statement demands.On Friday May, 29, 2014, a local newspaper reported that Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County, had communicated with the President Pro Tempore of the Senate informing him of allegations made on May 26, 2014, by Senator Thomas Grupee  (also of Nimba County);According to the paper, Senator Johnson indicated that Senator Grupee had averred that the Vice President, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., and others are involved in a conspiracy against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Senator Johnson’s communications called on the Plenary of the Senate to investigate Senator Grupee as such allegations were tantamount to treason and breach of Article 76, Number 4 of the Constitution of Liberia.Liberia Peace Initiative Meanwhile, Nimbaians have also reaffirmed their support to the Liberia Peace Initiative, led by Ambassador George Weah, adding that they are profoundly conscious of the need to enhance national reconciliation and healing amongst Liberians to guarantee “our peaceful existence and collective national growth and development.” By that, they have encouraged Ambassador Weah and his peace building staff to appreciate that peace-building need not begin with the people of Grand Gedeh and Nimba, “because residents of the two great counties have smoked peace pipes and signed peace agreements amongst themselves long before the war officially ended.”According to them, by doing so, they have demonstrated their love for one another through scores of inter-tribal marriages tat ae produed many children since the war; operation of small businesses across boundaries continues to increase; countless peaceful sports matches; and there exists profound love, respect, friendship, and mutual good feelings among the residents of both counties.“We the people of Nimba County therefore caution that persistent attempts by the Liberia Peace Initiative always to call on residents of the two counties for peace conferences reflect the fallacy that they are the sources of conflict in Liberia. This practice must stop. It has the potential to prove counterproductive as evidenced recently by the pronouncement by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Morris Dukuly, to the effect that once you are known by town members of being a chicken rogue in the community, you will always be accused whenever a chicken gets missing.”Based on those historical facts, Nimbaians said they were therefore, in solidarity with the people of Grand Gedeh, thereby profoundly condemning Dukuly’s reference to residents of Grand Gedeh-and by implication to Nimbaians—as “chicken rogues”.The signers of the Nimba statement disclaimed Min. Morris’ comment; noting that residents of the two counties are not “chicken rogues. We are peace-loving people, working with our fellow citizens nationwide in the pursuit of national unity, economic development and social progress under God’s command.”“While we too acknowledge Minister Dukuly’s apology, we deplore his pronouncement as it significantly undermines peace and reconciliation,” the statement declared.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Zoo Wants You in the Cage

first_imgVisitors to the Zagreb Zoo get to walk through displays detailing the ways in which humans “contribute to the destruction of wildlife and the environment,” and then spend a little time in a cage that was deemed unsuitable for the foxes and martens who were its previous inhabitants.  The zoo calls humans “the most dangerous species on the planet.”  In March of this year Animal Friends Croatia staged a similar stunt to protest the treatment of chickens on commercial farms.  Although they object to all zoos as a form of prison, in April the group gave the Zagreb Zoo a passing grade on its treatment of animals.The animals in the Zagreb Zoo appear to be safe and well treated, but what about the people?  They are subjected to a series of accusations and then put into a substandard cage as if to say, “You are guilty, and you deserve to be caged.”  They are then free to tour the rest of the zoo, basking in shame for enjoying the experience.  Maybe there should be a dispenser of complimentary Prozac at the front gate.    The Agence France-Presse press release was accompanied by a file photo only identified as “a lion in his cage at a zoo.”  Pictures from the zoo’s web site and the statement from Animal Friends Croatia indicate that this was a stock photo and was probably not taken anywhere near Zagreb.  AFP was trying to add a little more drama to the story.    There is no doubt that people have done some very irresponsible things in regard to the environment and the treatment of animals, however Genesis is clear that humans are not merely another species of animal, but distinctively persons, made in the image of God.  If people have done some stupid things in the past, the answer is not to do more stupid things.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

ReadWriteWeb’s List of Movie-Finding Resources

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Fandango iPhone App: While this service offers all the bells and whistles of a regular review site, it also lets you buy movie tickets through your phone. Users can search by location, time and “In the Spotlight” for the most popular shows. MovieFinder iPhone App: Similar to Fandango’s iPhone app, this service also offers users a chance to search movies by location and time; however, if you’re looking for a more barebones experience, you may prefer MovieFinder over Fandango. Mobile or iPhone These sites offer times and tickets separately from other features such as new releases, reviews and box office info. This means that users can avoid the advertising and hype and just focus on the information they need. Google Movies, Yahoo Movies Showtimes and Bing: While each of these are fine for listing the movies playing nearby, only Yahoo offers users a full list of show times and automatic ticket purchasing. Nevertheless, with an URL like it’s unlikely you’ll type this one into your mobile phone. Photo Credit: Galfred Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market If you’re like me, by the time you decide to go to a movie, you’ve already seen the previews numerous times, the bus stop advertisements are beginning to peel, and your other friends are going back to the box office to watch it again. While movie reviews, box office information and celebrity news are all interesting, the information you need first is your movie’s location and time. Below is a list of useful services. Showtime Fu: This service allows users to type in their zip code or address to receive basic information about the next movie in their area, the theater and beginning and end times. Users can use sliders to customize their time selection as well as omit movies. This approach is straightforward and easy-to-use. You can also share info with friends via Twitter. Tags:#start#startups Related Posts dana oshirolast_img read more

Repeal of Green Standards Upheld in New Mexico

first_imgA New Mexico court of appeals has backed the administration of Republican Governor Susana Martinez in its repeal of energy efficiency standards that had been implemented by her predecessor, a Democrat.According to a short article from the Associated Press on October 1, the court upheld a decision by the state’s Construction Industries Commission to revise state building codes.The eight-member commission, appointed by the governor, sets construction standards in New Mexico. The panel had attempted in 2011 to overhaul energy efficiency requirements put in place while Bill Richardson was in office.The appeals court had set that effort aside, the AP reported, but the commission readopted its code revision last year. Environmentalists appealed, leading to the latest round in court.Doug Meiklejohn of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center said on October 15 that no decision had been reached on whether to take the case to the state’s Supreme Court. Energy standards were a “last minute” ideaThe story, however, is more complex than recent headlines suggest, says Kim Shanahan, the executive officer of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association.He said by telephone that Richardson appointed a task force to devise tougher energy efficiency requirements as part of his unsuccessful presidential bid in 2008. He wanted the state to adopt rules that were 20% more stringent than the 2006 version of the International Energy Conservation Code, and before he left office those rules were adopted.New Mexico, along with most other states, subsequently adopted the 2009 version of the IECC, which was tougher than the 2006 IECC but not quite as rigorous as New Mexico’s amended rules. After Martinez took office, she made her own appointments to the Construction Industries Commission, which then rescinded the Richardson reforms.The net result is that New Mexico uses the 2009 IECC with two “progressive” additions, Shanahan said. One requires heating and cooling days be factored in to energy performance, a way of accounting for the effects of altitude; the other allows a performance path to compliance based on HERS ratings.“When she’s accused of rolling back the energy codes, she did, technically, roll back the ones that had been passed at the last minute by the Richardson administration,” he said. “But she didn’t really roll them back further than what everyone else in the country was doing, and two significant pieces stayed in the code.”last_img read more

Toyota to unveil self-driving cars at 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

first_imgBreak the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and… Toyota plans to show of its self-driving cars at the 2020 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo, a similar timeframe to most automakers. The Japanese government is hoping to have autonomous cars driving before that time, to help with the influx of visitors to the country.Demonstrations will be held at the Odaiba waterfront area, where most of the Olympics will take place. Compared to the rest of Tokyo, the Odaiba area has large, straight boulevards and light traffic, making it the ideal place to preview and demonstrate the company’s self-driving capabilities.“We want to show a high-spec technology as a showcase,” said Toyota’s executive general manager of autonomous driving, Ken Koibuchi, to Automotive News.But how bold is Toyota?Toyota expects the showcase to be a turning point for public perception of self-driving. At the moment, it does not see major public demonstrations as necessary, though the lack of publicity could haunt the company as consumers look to competitors that have actively promoted development for years.That lack of boldness has not weakened Toyota’s pursuit, according to Lux Research, the company is rated as one of the leaders in self-driving. It has partnered with Stanford and MIT to accelerate the development of AI and robotics, critical to the development of driverless cars.Earlier this year, the company also announced a new self-driving vehicle, outfitted with Lidar, radar, and other high-tech sensors.Toyota is the largest automotive manufacturer in the world by sales, so it needs to be ahead when it comes to self-driving. Forrester researchers predict that self-driving could have a severe effect on the global economy by 2035, harming automakers that don’t pounce on the opportunities. 5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle… For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… IT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A…center_img Tags:#Autonomous#driverless#featured#Odaiba#Olympics#Self-Driving#Tokyo#top#toyota Related Posts David Currylast_img read more