SF Mission Condo Windows Smashed in Direct Attack on Gentrification

first_imgThe brightly colored Vida Apartments on Mission Street were attacked sometime last week when someone smashed the condo building’s front windows and badly cracked four panes of glass before fleeing the scene. Video of the incident, seemingly filmed by someone involved, was posted online shortly after the attack and shows someone in jeans and a dark hoodie walking calmly up to the apartment’s glass facade before pulling out an unseen object and smashing the windows five times. The person then drops the object, which makes a metallic sound as it strikes the concrete, before running down Mission Street towards 22nd Street. Download video 0% mov00007.mp4 (11.1MB)The camera person, standing across the street, zooms in on the attacker as he or she walks up to the building and tracks him or her down the block as the windows are smashed, following until the suspect flees the scene.A post accompanying the video called the incident a “direct attack” on gentrification in the Mission District and pledged “solidarity to those resisting gentrification and the police.”“This is an escalation from a sentiment of resistance to gentrification to a direct attack against it,” read the post, signed by “anarchists” who decried the November elections as “a charade of democracy” in which “not even the crumbs” of San Francisco “could be saved through legal means.” “We fight because the issue of our homes and survival is not up to a vote by anyone. Survival and resistance are only there for the taking. All that is necessary is the will and the act,” the anonymous post continued. A front desk receptionist at the condo complex said management had filed a police report, though they had received no information about any progress. A police department spokesperson said the matter was under investigation and that video evidence would be used to try to identify a suspect.This is not the first time the 114-unit building has been attacked, though a front desk receptionist said this was the most damaging incident so far. Another post on the same site as the video bragged of throwing paint on the sales office on-site in April of last year, saying “this was just one small act of hostility in what will hopefully soon be a storm” before exclaiming “down with gentrification!”And between Tuesday and Wednesday, black graffiti reading “Die slow rich fucks” was scrawled on the facade.Black graffiti was scrawled on the Mission Street side sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.The front desk receptionist also said residents reported that other locations suffered similar attacks the day the front windows were smashed, and the focus on the attacker in the video suggests that the Vida incident, at least, was coordinated. When asked whether residents of the complex were fearful, the receptionist said she did not know “other than the presumed feelings that you would [have] when your property is damaged.” She added that the windows are scheduled to be repaired but did not know when. Conny Krygsman, the mother of a Vida resident, said her daughter was not amused by the window smashing and felt it a step in the wrong direction for the neighborhood. “She feels really upset of course,” Krygsman said. “This area is trying so hard to improve and this is a setback. It’s like a setback in quality and security in the area.” Other residents were less forthcoming, but one young boy did say he had noticed the cracked facade. He refused to be intimidated, however. “I’m not scared!” said the young boy before entering the building. The market-rate condo complex was built at 2558 Mission St. last year and opened for move-in at the beginning of this year. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom rental units were listed for $7,499 a month in rent in January, and some sold for  $936,000 — though there were one-bedrooms for several hundred thousand less.As part of the affordable housing requirements in San Francisco, the developers of Vida Apartments bought land for a housing complex at 26th and Shotwell and granted it to the city. That site was approved for a 96-unit fully affordable senior housing complex earlier this month that will break ground in 2018 and house its first slate of residents in 2019.The four windows on Mission Street smashed last week. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros. center_img Tags: graffiti • housing • mission street • tech Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Wunderlichs Wunderkammer brings world artifacts to the Mission

first_img Tags: arts • galleries Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% Al Wunderlich has been sculpting, painting and performing for decades.  He attended Cooper Union in New York City and has taught art at the Rhode Island School of Design. But, standing in the doorway to his new pop-up show, Wunderlich’s Wunderkammer, he had no doubt as to his first love –  adventurer first, artist second.The exhibit at 3328 22nd St., between Guerrero and Valencia, is a collection of antiques from across the world, a small portion of the large collection he keeps at his home in Healdsburg. Everything in the show, which will be open until the end f June, is for sale. There’s a fish trap from Borneo, made from chain link wire and wood carved like a totem pole, selling for $250. There’s a French cast iron bed frame that takes up the window space. There’s an early 20th century belt from Cameroon or Nigeria, made from metal, cone-shaped bells and rope. “It’s currency,” Wunderlich explains. He got it from sculptor Al Farrow, who lives in San Rafael.Many, but not all of the objects, come from Wunderlich’s own travels. The lure of the latter started in 1957, when his history teacher in Oregon pulled him out of class. “Forget about the history,” the teacher advised and handed him a copy of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, published that same year. 0%center_img The traveling bug had been embedded. In 1963, Wunderlich received a Fulbright grant to spend two years in India, where he travelled over 18,000 miles within the country alone, and traded with Tibetan refugees for possessions they had carried with them across the border. Wunderlich, a natural storyteller, strings together disparate places and events, much in the same way the pieces in the gallery space sit next to each other—a Japanese chest beside a Tibetan box, for instance, or an American bowl not far from a green burqa he bought from a dealer in Providence. Delving into his past, he begins another tale: “I’m in Calcutta, John F. Kennedy is assassinated. I go into Indonesia, one day, for a 48-hour period, and I’m eating monkey brains. Next day, I get on a plane to Japan.”Once in Japan, he said, he met his school friend Anthony Cox, who had left the United States after stealing experimental composer John Cage’s car. There, Cox connected with Yoko Ono, after rescuing her from an insane asylum, and eventually introduced her to Wunderlich.On the gallery’s desk is a framed love letter from Yoko Ono. “My dearest,” it begins, in black ink, on a column of yellow paper. “Please take care of yourself.” It ends, “Love, Yoko.” Wunderlich has photocopied it and offers replicas to people. “She won’t speak to me now,” he said. (It’s because he has told too many people about their adventures together, he says)A large number of objects in the gallery come from Japan. Wunderlich has two cabinets from what he calls the “Rolls-Royce of Japanese furniture.” Then there’s the Japanese ceramic object, labelled “Funnel Shaped Thing,” priced at $25. Wunderlich said he has never figured out what its for. It could be a skinny vase. Maybe a candle holder.For him, that’s the joy of the object. Once we get over the question of what it is for, he said, “the second question is: what it is.” That’s what he finds so fascinating about these objects. They can do what he thinks good art can do: He said, “They take you where you’ve never been before.”The pop-up shop will run until the end of June.Al Wunderlich. Photo by Lola M. ChavezThe pop-up. Photo by Lola M. ChavezLove letter from Yoko Ono to Al Wunderlich. Photo by Lola M. ChavezArtifacts for sale. Photo by Lola M. ChavezPhoto by Lola M. Chavez last_img read more

With big branding event Alabama St building also draws complaints

first_img 0% Update, 8/13/17: The neighborhood meeting planned for Sunday, August 13 to discuss the activities at 930 Alabama Street has been rescheduled for Sunday, August 20, 4-6 p.m. Matt McGraw, the owner of 930 Alabama Street, who arranged for the meeting, cited a lack of interest in the first meeting and said he would be sending out invitations and posting a sign on the building about the new meeting date.Residents of a tranquil block of Alabama Street between 21st and 22nd streets found themselves suddenly living next to a recreation of a Tennessee general store last week, a theatrical marketing experiment by whiskey giant Jack Daniels. For some, it was an amusing and lively addition to the block that kept the street active. For others, it was the last straw in a series of disruptions stemming from 930 Alabama Street.  The address marks a one-story industrial building with a bowed roof, its front wall painted white with quirky nature scenes. The 5,550-square-foot building’s history is somewhat unclear, but Planning records online refer to it most often as a warehouse. According to its current owner, the building may have been built as a livery stable, then a mechanic, an incubator space, and later a photography studio. When Matt McGraw, the current owner, bought the property ten years ago, he used the space as an IT firm called Rocket Science. Now, it’s the home of Here Collective, which operates as a co-working space and also hosts events, most recently becoming the venue for Jack Daniels. His plan, McGraw said, is to use it almost exclusively as a co-working space, starting August 1.Neighbors say events have been hosted there on and off for at least a year, with tempers sometimes flaring over amplified music and parking. McGraw told users on Nextdoor that he would hold a community meeting about the use of the space from 4-6 p.m. on Sunday, August 13th, at 930 Alabama Street. Somehow, the Here Collective developed a reputation as an events space, because McGraw says Jack Daniels approached him about bringing their project there. Having a virtual reality distillery tour, a band, and vendors (though no alcohol was sold) on the block put some neighbors over the edge. Anonymous complainants have lodged three complaints with the Department of Building Inspections about the space and two with the Planning Department. All except one of the Planning complaints have been resolved. At least one neighbor has also lodged complaints with the police about amplified music. McGraw said he just recently learned of the complaints and has generally gotten along with everyone. “I’m having a hard time even thinking who it might be, because I’ve lived here for 10 years, I’m the kind of guy who hangs out in front of my building,” he said. “There’s neighbors on the left and across the street, they all come to these events that we host”Before the arrival of Jack Daniels, McGraw said, he “went around to our block knocking on our friends’ doors and they were universally, everyone I talked to, was like, ‘this is so cool!’”In an informal survey of a dozen or so neighbors conducted by Mission Local, no clear majority of either supporters or critics emerged. Several were ambivalent about the new use of the space.Some residents are not happy.“They just went in there and just did it without even coming and talking to us. They just do whatever they want,” said Martha Santiago, 35-year resident of the block. Parking was Santiago’s primary concern. She and a few other neighbors said the event producers had taken out a parking permit for 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for their loading days, then written over in marker the 8 p.m. time limit to replace it with a midnight timestamp. In an already parking-strapped neighborhood, that didn’t go over well. Several residents said trucks blocked their driveways or took up precious curb space, or otherwise double parked and caused logjams on the narrow street.Others didn’t feel the new space made sense in the neighborhood.“It feels invasive, but it’s hard to know what fits a neighborhood. What’s next, Coca Cola?” one neighbor, who wanted to stay anonymous, said. But then they relented, saying a few times neighbors had been given advance notice, and anyway, another building’s residents threw much more raucous parties. “I understand the need to make money…The owners are community driven,” the neighbor added.“It’s taking away from the character of the neighborhood and the Mission,” said another.But not all are opposed to the use of the space generally or even to its biggest yet event, Jack Daniels.“It’s a cool vibe and nice people,” said Tito Correa, who lives next door to the venue and answered the door in a Jack Daniels T-shirt. He recalled that the event had also included a $5 haircut station one day, and pedicab rides to Dolores Park another. Correa said he liked the virtual reality tour, the lemonade and sweet tea, and the cheap haircuts.Another nearby resident also didn’t seem to mind the party.“The owners seemed really concerned about us not being annoyed, and made sure the business understood it had to be low key,” they said.Inside the Jack Daniels pop-up event. Photo by Lola M. ChavezMeanwhile, a thread on the social media site Nextdoor boiled over with criticism. Neighbors were incensed at the use of parking spaces and insisted the events were not permitted, with one resident calling them “illegal.”McGraw responded online, writing that the production company for the Jack Daniels event had already been fined for their parking misdeeds. Building Inspection Department records indicate the event had secured a permit from the Fire Department.Events, McGraw said, are stressful and a lot of work, even for him. “They’re just too much work, they’re production,” he said. “That just doesn’t fit in my lifestyle.It certainly doesn’t fit my two-and-a-half-year-olds’ lifestyle, her bedroom literally shares a wall with this building.”But even the plans for a co-working space, which promise to be quieter and didn’t raise as many hackles on the block, could face permitting hiccups. According to Planning Department spokesperson Gina Simi, the building is in a district that could allow for Limited Commercial uses, but would require a permit to be changed to office use. No such application has been filed, and no change of use is on record with Planning. “There’s a chance it was once used as such, but I can’t find any evidence of that and it would take further investigation,” she wrote. “And I don’t see a change of use permit ever being approved.”When he got similar news from planners last week, McGraw said, he was taken aback, especially since he’d bought the building with a loan specifically for businesses, and had gotten permits from the Planning Department for repairs on the property before without issue.“The very first time I heard there was a problem with that was Thursday, when the Planning Department reached out,” he said. “That was a very big surprise to me.” center_img Tags: Business Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

THREE St Helens players have been named in the 21

first_imgTHREE St Helens players have been named in the 21 man England Academy squad that will travel to France next month to take on the French Under 18 side on June 3.Jordan Case (pictured), Josh Jones and Daniel Yates have been selected by Academy coach Dave Elliott to join four players from Warrington Wolves and three players from Leeds Rhinos and Wigan Warriors. Joining them will be two players from Hull FC, Harlequins RL and Bradford Bulls while Castleford Tigers and Widnes Vikings have one representative.Elliott led the England Academy side to a series win over the Australian Schoolboys last year and more recently secured a series draw against France with the England Youth side and he believes that the current Academy squad is amongst the strongest sides he’s seen.“The calibre of the players in the squad is fantastic,” said Elliott. “We’ve had to make some tough calls and we’re leaving some very talented players behind so it shows that the Academies are really working and the clubs are producing some genuinely talented players.“There’s also a lot of confidence in the squad. The guys have gained a lot of confidence from the victory over the Australian Schoolboys last year and we still have seven or so lads who took part in that, so they know what it takes to win and what this level is all about.“That success against Australia has also given these guys something to live up to. Players like Rhys Evans and Rhys Lyne have gone on from that experience to make their Super League debuts and now we need to put on another performance to back that series success up.“That means there is some pressure on these players, but it’s a good pressure and one that we’re all looking forward to. We’re confident that we can go over there and play to our best and get the result we want. The French lads are always a bit of an unknown quantity at this level but we know they will be a big, strong and athletic units but we’re a confident side.”England 21-man touring squad: John Bateman (Bradford Bulls), Michael Bishay (Harlequins RL), Daniel Bridge (Wigan Warriors), Greg Burke (Wigan Warriors), Jordan Case (St Helens), Daryl Clark (Castleford Tigers), Ben Crookes (Hull FC), Ben Currie (Warrington Wolves), Rhys Evans (Warrington Wolves), Bobbie Goulding Jnr (Warrington Wolves), Josh Jones (St Helens), Reece Lyne (Hull FC), Adam O’Brien (Bradford Bulls), Jack Owens (Widnes Vikings), Matthew Russell (Wigan Warriors), Daniel Sarginson (Harlequins RL), Ryan Shaw (Warrington Wolves), Brad Singleton (Leeds Rhinos), Daniel Smith (Leeds Rhinos), Jared Stewart (Leeds Rhinos), Daniel Yates (St Helens).last_img read more

WITH the Euro Semi Finals being played over the ne

first_imgWITH the Euro Semi Finals being played over the next couple of days we caught up with the Welsh and French camps within the squad to find out where they see the trophy going.It’s fair to say there’s been a bit of banter between the England, Wales and France supporters at Saints – the latter two enjoying the national side’s defeat to Iceland!But now focus is on Wales v Portugal tonight and France v Germany tomorrow.“I think it’ll go to penalties with Portugal and we’ll win it,” Calvin Wellington said. “The player of the tournament for me is Aaron Ramsey or Gareth Bale. If we get to the finals then we are winning it!”Welsh teammate Regan Grace agreed: “Player of tournament is Bale for sure. I think we will beat Portugal 1-0 and then win a penalty shootout in finals. It came to me in a dream.”Theo Fages disagreed and said the Welsh boys needed to be “realistic.”“You wanted banter, there it is the two Welsh talking!” he said. “The semi-final will be harder than the final if we get through, but I think we’ll win it.“Player of the tournament is Dimitri Payet. If Ramsey is lucky to play in the final, he’s got no chance!”Wellington replied: “Who’s Payet? Not a sniff Theo! Realistically Wales shouldn’t be in the semis but you never know.”One thing all the lads agreed on, was England’s demise – as Theo described.“We have had a little bit of stick, but they are just wishing that England were as good as us. They were talking about playing France before they played Iceland. That didn’t go too well!”Should Wales and France progress to the final, we’ll be catching up with the boys!last_img read more

First Team Match

first_imgSaints take on the Catalan Dragons in Round 13 of the Betfred Super League (KO 3pm), looking to avenge the only defeat suffered so far in the 2019 campaign.The main game is preceded by the Under 19s who will face the Widnes Vikings (KO 12:15pm) and following the completion of the main fixture, Saints Women will face the Featherstone Rovers Women with KO scheduled for approx. 5pm, or 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first team fixture.Fans can get access to watch all three games as part of their ticket, which can be purchased from the Ticket Office at the Totally Wicked Stadium.Please note that for the kick-off of the Women’s fixture, fans may be asked to move to alternative seating in another stand depending on capacity and attendance.You can track the latest from all three games on our official Twitter account and you can follow the first team game by just clicking on the Match Centre button to follow the feed and enjoy exclusive content throughout the 80 minutes!last_img read more

Former Whiteville officer charged with impersonating an officer

first_img Reed was wanted out of Brunswick County.According to the warrant, a Brunswick County sheriff’s deputy stopped Reed for driving 75 mph in 55 mph zone on Thursday. The warrant states Reed showed the deputy an old Whiteville Police Department badge ID  and told the deputy he was employed by the Whiteville Police Department.Reed was placed under a $2,000 bond.Related Article: Deputies: Two busted with more than 300 grams of methHe is scheduled to appear in court on October 23.Reed was fired from the Whiteville Police Department in December for violations of rules and regulations and failure of personal contact. Reed had been with the police department since 2011. WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — A former Whiteville Police Officer is out of jail on bond after being charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer.According to the Whiteville Police Department, officers served a warrant on Sergio Reed around 7:15 a.m. on Sunday on North Madison Street.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Bladen County Schools announce makeup days

first_imgIf the bill is passed, school districts can set up bus stop-arm cameras. (Photo: Basil John/WWAY) BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Bladen County Board of Education has approved the following days as make-up time for students for the January 2-5 delays, early release, and closings due to inclement weather.January 25 is now a regular student day in place of being closed on January 4.The school system says because the district had additional student time built in the school calendar to accommodate two inclement weather days, January 5 will be used in place of one built in day.Due to a two-hour delay on January 2, a two-hour early release on January 3 and a two-hour delay on September 11 for Hurricane Irma, the remaining one day of additional inclement weather time has been exhausted.Spokeswoman Valerie Newtons says going forward if there should be any additional inclement weather days, time will need to be made up by students and employees by either additional days (which can include holidays) or additional time added to the school day.Built in time for student days missed does not include any time that employees miss.  Therefore, any day that employees don’t come to work must be made up. Saturday, January 27 will now be an optional workday for employees in place of time missed on January 4.In place of time missed on January 5, employees will make up the time by either taking leave or completing make up time.June 14 is now a required teacher workday in place of January 25 now being a regular school day. January 25 was originally scheduled as a required teacher workday.The Pender County Board of Education approved the a make-up schedule during its regular meeting last night including a Saturday.New Hanover County Schools and Brunswick County Schools Board members also met last night to discuss make-up days. Click here to see their plans.last_img read more

2018 Azalea Festival Princess Grace Tippett steps into spotlight

first_img00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Grace Tippett knew she wanted to be Azalea Princess when she was a little girl. At 16 her dream came true when she won the 70th Annual North Carolina Azalea Festival Scholarship Pageant in March.She is a junior from New Hanover High School and was selected from 22 contestants from 7 area high schools.  Her court includes Claudia Webb from Coastal Christian High School, Jamie Barricelli from Isaac Bear Early College, Reagan Radford from New Hanover High School and Caroline Shaver from the Home School Community.- Advertisement – Grace is in the Lyceum Academy, works on the NHHS yearbook, is in Beta Club, Key Club and is a Varsity Cheerleader. Outside of school, she is a competitive dancer and an assistant dance teacher at DREAMS of Wilmington. She also enjoys fashion and writing and plans to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to pursue a major in multimedia journalism.Princess Grace says she wants to share her love of the Cape Fear with area school children and be a good ambassador of the festival.She encourages everyone to do as many activities as possible this weekend!last_img read more

UNC Wilmington opening practice at UNC due to Florence

first_imgCHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — UNC Wilmington will open its preseason basketball practices at North Carolina due to lingering effects of Hurricane Florence.The school announced the move for both the men’s and women’s teams on Saturday. The Seahawks men’s program will have a brief workout Monday in Chapel Hill before holding the first official practice Tuesday in the practice gym at the Smith Center.- Advertisement – The men’s program is coached by C.B. McGrath, who was an assistant under Tar Heels coach Roy Williams for 14 seasons before taking over before last season.The women’s program will work out at Carmichael Arena.UNC Wilmington’s campus has been closed since the storm brought heavy rain to the region. The school is scheduled to resume classes Oct. 1.last_img