first_imgNo. 1. Let’s get our boys to pull up their pants,No. 2. Children and young adults should address older adults with Sir and Ma’am!No. 3. Children raised with respect don’t swear, drink, smoke or do drugs around adults (Or for that matter when they’re not around adults).Sounds simple huh? Well then do it!!:09 Well boys and girls you know I made the big leagues when Mr. Will Thomkins is not only reading “Overtime,” but he had the nerve to challenge “you-know-who” on the Top 10 All-Time Pittsburgh City League Guards list. But Will, if you continue to challenge me you will be back in the hallway trying to get in. And you can take that to the bank.:08 The owner for the Orlando Magic had the melons to say he respected Dwight Howard’s decision to stay with the team, and that it’s hard to find players that show loyalty. Meanwhile five minutes later the Lakers send Derek Fisher and his five rings packin’ like he meant nothing…loyalty…C’mon man!:07 Can you feel it?…Can you feel it? …Can you feel it??? “Tiger” is coming! He’s in the hunt. Still the No. 1 draw, gets paid a million just to show up…it’s just a matter of time. Once he wins his next major the other four he needs to pass Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus will fall in place.:06 Are you all watching Blake Griffin from the LA Clippers? This man is simply out of his mind, I mean crazy mad skills. And he makes it look easy. Y’all ain’t watching! He did a 360 in mid air and dunked the ball about two feet from the hoop. Even “Flyin’ Myron Brown” couldn’t do that the year he won the CBA Slam Dunk title at 6’3”…say what!?!? Neal what I tell you about that mmmaaannn!!! My bad Myron!:05 Two weeks ago everyone of you swore you would never watch a Steelers game again because they cut Hines Ward…I ain’t heard a word since. You don’t care about Hines. Not for real, for real, you were just pretending you did.:04 Requested by popular demand here’s your Top 10 list. You want it, you got it. The Top 10 Greatest Entertainers gone…not forgotten…but should not be gone…you know what I am saying???1. Michael Jackson 2. Whitney Houston 3. David Ruffin 4. Jimmy Hendrix 5. Sam Cooke 6. Jim Morrison 7. Janis Joplin 8. Marvin Gaye 9. Billie Holiday 10. Roger & Larry Troutman:03 I promised you more stuff about Wilt “The Big Dipper” Chamberlain…so hhheeerrrreee we go.•Led the league in scoring at 50 points a game. The next year he lead the league in assists because they said he didn’t pass enough!•Led the league in scoring and rebounding. Huh! Once had 59 rebounds in one game•Is considered the strongest man to ever play basketball•Has roughly 21 pages of records he set. About 1/3 of them will never be broken and he hasn’t played in 40 years and he’s been dead 10 of the 40•And yes he scored 100 points in a game and for those of you who continue to say he only did all that because he was so big and dominant and there was no one to contest him, try telling that to Bob Lanier, Walt Bellamy, Nate Thurmond, Wes Unseld, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Russell just to name a few. If you know, you know…now shut-up!!!:02 Heaven’s Hoopers just got another shooting guard, Frank Davis, aka “Rev.” just joined the team high above the rim. That gives them their city boy with no fear that can shoot the lights out and score with either hand, old school style. “Rev.” gone but not forgotten…keep shootin’. Blessings to Frank Jr. and the family.:01 Speaking of that, (that’s right you knew it was coming) here’s the line up of the Pittsburgh players that got traded to their last team: Maurice Lucas at center, Kenny Durrett at small forward, Armon Gilliam at strong forward, Jeep Kelly at the 2-guard and Larry “Byrd” Richardson at the point. There’s no bench, these guys come in when “The Fallen Angel” turns up the heat; George Harvey, John Farley, Thomas “June Bug” Howard and Darnel “Slinky” Turner.:00 DOUBLE OVERTIME—“At the Buzzer”—The Volley with the Starrs Volleyball Tournament—Sat. March 24 at the Penn Hills YMCA 12-4 come have some fun for charity—First Friday, April 6 at JT’s Joint at The Club Monroeville—Starring D.J. Mean Gee and The New Fabulous Diamond Models (Chuck Sanders and Rod Rutherford you won’t want to miss the new crew) $10 Donation-Free Parking-Cash Bar-Cash Kitchen-Complete Soul Food Menu-50/50-Prizes and Surprises -Lot’s of Dancin… Eatin…and Drinkin-Old School Style Only-Special Guest The Pittsburgh United Rays Corvette Club and the Soul Train Dance Line and oh yea it’s Sharon’s Birthday ya’ll—(Special Note: Artistree will not be performing).~ Game Over ~ :10 I am not letting go people. I am focused here and I am not going to let go until the public says so. Right now I am getting about 20 e-mails a day telling me to keep up the pressure. As a people…with great history…with a past of Kings and Queens, we can do this. Reclaim your son. Make him understand the importance of a clean image, pride and self respect. BILL NEALlast_img

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