Flip the Switch on the Power of Online Networks

first_imgThe Electricity Infrastructure Operations Center – photo courtesy Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryWhen you turn on a light, do you think about where the electricity comes from or are you just thankful you can see?The electricity that powers your light is delivered through a vast and complex network of power plants, substations, transmission grids, and distribution lines. The electricity running through your home or workplace could have been generated at a nearby plant or at a wind farm a thousand miles away. Most of us don’t care where the power comes from. We care only that it is there, a steady stream of electrons waiting to light up our homes and businesses. All we have to do is flip the switch.Now imagine using a complex network like the power grid to deliver information, knowledge, learning; a stream of new ideas waiting to light up your mind. That network exists. We called it the Internet, then the World Wide Web, Web 2.0, and social media. It’s a vast and complex digital network that gives anyone with a connection the power to transfer information at great speed and to create connections across great distances.Every day online networks are filled with thoughts, experiences, ideas, and information on a myriad of topics, some mundane or profane and some significant or even sacred. If you want to tap into the stream, all you need to do is flip the switch.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.last_img

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