49ers 31, Browns 3: Studs and duds en route to 4-0 start

first_imgSANTA CLARA — One snap in, Matt Breida was gone on an 83-yard, lightning-quick touchdown run.Four games in, the 49ers are undefeated, rocketing out of their 2014-18 funk and into the NFC driver’s seat with 12 long but enticing games to go.Monday night’s 31-3 rout of the Cleveland Browns showed how deadly their rushing attack is (275 yards), how dominant their defense has become (4 sacks, 4 takeaways), how wily coach Kyle Shanahan and his staff can be, and how healthy quarterback Jimmy …last_img

Does Science Need Diversity Training?

first_imgOne would think science would be concerned with facts, not with what special interest group searches for them.Like every other institution, Big Science is catching the D&I bug (“diversity and inclusion”), worrying about whether special interest groups are getting their fair share.  The special interests are not just racial minorities and women, but lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) identity groups.  Surprisingly, religious toleration is not mentioned in the rainbow menu.“There is growing evidence that embracing diversity — in all its senses — is key to doing good science,” a Nature editorial on Sept. 16 begins. “But there is still work to be done to ensure that inclusivity is the default, not the exception.” It begins with a sad story of how a “gay scientist” perceived intolerance from his peers.  Then, though, the Editors ask if it matters:Scientists, of course, should not be judged by their sexuality. The principles of research — reliance on data, rigorous experimentation and respect for evidence — do not cluster by any of the ways that humans choose to define themselves and each other. Gender, race, ethnic background, social status, wealth, nationality, age, skin colour and sexuality are as irrelevant to doing science as a person’s musical taste or dietary preference. Or are they?There is no place in science (or outside it) for prejudice. But there must be a place for diversity, and there is growing evidence that such variety is a key ingredient for doing good science. Much of that evidence is discussed this week in a joint special issue of Nature and our sister publication Scientific American.“Religion” as a category is noticeably absent from their long list of identity factors.  It is nowhere mentioned in the article, though often included in other lists of anti-discrimination factors.  That’s a striking omission, considering the editors are “embracing diversity – in all its senses.”  Apparently, diversity of theistic worldviews is not valued by Nature’s editors.  Does this imply that they might find intolerance against theists to be acceptable in the scientific community?In the feature article about diversity in the same issue of Nature, M. Mitchell Waldrop has a lot to say about appreciation for homosexuals, but his only mention of “religious” people is negative: those are the ones who discriminate, in his portrayal.  One out-of-the-closet gay scientist notes, “some of the more religious, socially conservative students in his research group became noticeably reticent around him.”  So while Nature indicates no obligation to respect the theistic or philosophical views of scientists, it has no compunctions about casting the “religious, socially conservative” identity groups in a bad light.  World progress, according to Waldrop, is measured by how rapidly nations embrace homosexuals.LGBT Science:  That view of progress is even more vocal in an article on Medical Xpress headlined with common D&I buzzwords: “LGBT bioethics: Visibility, disparities, and dialogue,” meaning, give homosexuals more visibility, address any real or perceived disparities, and talk about it.  Anyone opposed to the redefinition of marriage had better get out of the way of this opening salvo in the name of science:Despite the legalization of same-sex marriage in 19 states and the District of Columbia and an executive order to prohibit federal contractors from discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees, LGBT individuals face tremendous hurdles in access to health care and basic human rights. A special report published by The Hastings Center, LGBT Bioethics: Visibility, Disparities, and Dialogue, is a call to action for the bioethics field to help right the wrongs in the ways that law, medicine, and society have treated LGBT people.Does “society” include the scientific community?  Clearly so; one of the contributors to the special report is  “a transgender bioethicist who explores the role of science in the search for identity by transgender people.”  No exemptions; scientists had better feel guilty about how they might have treated LGBT people, too (this article, it should be noted, is posted on a science website).  The Hastings Center president is not just releasing a scientific study.  She’s on a mission.  She “calls on the scholarly bioethics community to do much more to rally health care leaders and policy makers to ensure the human rights of LGBT persons.”  What those rights entail is not clarified in this article, but is equivalent to “civil rights” in some sense.Evolutionary racism:  A hand-wringing book review in Nature struggles with “genetics under the skin.”  Nathaniel Comfort reviews three books, the controversial one by Nicholas Wade, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History (see 8/10/14), another by Michael Yudell, Race Unmasked: Biology and Race in the 20th Century, and the third by Robert Wald Sussman, The Myth of Race: The Troubling Persistence of an Unscientific Idea.  “Is race biologically real?” Comfort asks.  “A clutch of books published this year argue the question. All miss the point.”  And what is the point?  Not genetic arguments about whether race is real, but “human social equality.”  Surprisingly, Comfort thinks race is obviously real.  How, then, can he get science to ignore it?A full-throated, intellectually rigorous anti-racism must critically assess both biological and cultural evidence about race. It must acknowledge that no work on race science can be free of ideology — and, precisely for that reason, it must not place historical actors before a moral green screen showing an image of contemporary values. Rather, it must set the stage for each scene with meticulous, empathetic historical detail. Such work would allow the scientific study of ‘racial superiority‘ — inherently grounded in subjectivity and bias — to fall on its own sword.This seems a strange way to get racism to commit suicide.  How can it help to recount racist history with meticulous detail?  How can that “allow a scientific study” of racial superiority?  How can it free his own approach from ideology, if no work on race science can be free of ideology?  It would seem hopeless to remove the green screen.  Comfort is amazingly insistent about what science “should” do or “must” do.  Where he gets his moral foundation on which to preach is not obvious.Alien rights:  Talk about diversity. In his new book The Meaning of Human Existence (reviewed by Tim Lenton in Nature), Edward O. Wilson asks his readers to imagine aliens.  The boy-Christian-turned-atheist father of sociobiology, E. O. Wilson now preaches meaning devoid of human free will.  Lenton summarizes the sermon:Surprisingly optimistic that brain-activity mapping is going to solve the riddle of human consciousness sooner rather than later, Wilson feels that we will be left clutching the sensation of free will, which he thinks is just an adaptation necessary for our sanity. If the resulting nihilism does not lead us to despair, the way forward will be to unify the sciences and humanities to reach a higher state of human “meaning”.If Wilson’s message is believed by Nature’s editors, it would appear hopeless to worry about diversity and inclusion.  Nobody has the free will to make such choices.  Why is it surprising for E. O. Wilson to be optimistic?  He, too, would have no choice in the matter.  If free will is an illusion, why try to unify the sciences and humanities?  Did Wilson choose to write a book saying free will is a mere sensation, not a fact?  How could he know it is an adaptation necessary for our sanity?  How could he define sanity?David Tyler, a professor at Liberty University, attempted to insert a little sanity in a Comment to the article:Tim Lenton is right to use the word “nihilism” to describe Wilson’s agenda. He is also right to question the title of the book, saying “What Wilson is after is really a deeper understanding of human existence.” It seems to me that what we have here is a repackaged scientism, that claims to explain “meaning” but ends up emptying it of content. Human consciousness is supposed to result from neural firings; free agency is an adaptation to keep us from going mad; salvation is achieved by emulating imaginary aliens. Sociobiologists start with the presupposition that ants and other social animals are “model systems” to understand human existence, but that starting point is never justified – only asserted.Maybe Nature can score some D&I points for reproducing Dr. Tyler’s comment, even if they never allow those in his identity group (conservatives & theists) to write for the magazine.Theists elsewhere are still a persecuted group.  Evolution News & Views thinks the University of Washington could use a little sensitivity training, seeing that their biology professor David Barash openly attacks the religious views of students each semester when he gives “The Talk” about how the theory of evolution destroys their beliefs.  In another article for Evolution News & Views, Paul Nelson gives some tips for students facing discrimination by hard-core biology professors.No human being should be disrespected or discriminated against, but western society has become obsessed with identifying certain “identity groups” as needing special protection, while ignoring others.  This is very unscientific.  The fallacy of this exaltation of “tolerance” can be seen in the following logical analysis:The Impossibility of Tolerance, by David CoppedgeIt is impossible to be tolerant of everything, else one would be tolerant of opposites (love and hate, truth and lies, war and peace, good and evil). Those appreciating your tolerance for their sexual orientation, for instance, would be offended at your tolerance of those who are intolerant of it. Tolerance, therefore, necessarily implies intolerance (e.g., intolerance of the intolerant). Yet if one is intolerant of intolerance, then one is by definition intolerant. (Note that love and righteousness are different, because they imply the existence of evil; it is intuitive one cannot love hate or call evil righteous. Tolerance has no such distinctions.)To respond that certain groups cannot be tolerated (whether racists, homophobes, creationists, or people who believe Jesus is the only way to God) is not only to be inconsistent, but to make an arbitrary distinction within a universal virtue (tolerance). In logic, if you are inconsistent or arbitrary, you can prove anything, thus undermining your appeal to logic. Tolerance is thus a self-refuting value system if defended rationally. It can only be defended as an arbitrary, emotionally-laden preference.In practice, it usually results in tolerance of certain groups (e.g., moral relativists) and intolerance toward other groups (e.g., those who believe in truth or absolutes).  Example: Students at some universities have violently protested against military recruiters on campus, screaming the most vile things at them through bullhorns and vandalizing their exhibits, because in their view the military is “intolerant” of gays. In 2008, a protestor in an angry crowd of homosexuals grabbed a cross out of the hands of a gentle, elderly woman, threw it on the ground and stomped on it, presumably because he considered all Christians intolerant. The intolerant behavior was rationalized on the basis of tolerance, thereby refuting the very meaning of tolerance, which is to have a fair, objective and permissive attitude toward those with differing opinions.Tolerance is thus impossible, despite its intuitive appeal and the warm feelings some people have toward the word.The Editors of Nature have fallen for a very unscientific premise by getting hung up on “Diversity and Inclusion.”  Why are they not pushing back against this blatant political correctness?  Science should be intolerant of “political correctness.”  Its principal value is the generation of reliable knowledge of nature.  They should say, “Look, we don’t care who you are, what your genitals look like, or what you do with them; just do good science, OK?  We have no obligation to treat you special because of some perceived identity crisis.  Just do good work and you’ll earn respect as a scientist.”  Scientists should value honesty, wisdom, and the facts.  If every scientist did that, there wouldn’t be any problem.  Instead, they, too, are falling prey to cultural trends, powerless to say, “Science has nothing to do with gay marriage; got it?  Get outta here and go back to work!”Your editor saw this happening at JPL in 2007-2008, when a new “Diversity & Inclusion” department was set up on lab.  Everybody had to take a silly quiz, with 20 prefabricated cartoon-rendered scenarios about how to show respect for diversity, such as not calling a Christmas Party a Christmas Party but a Holiday Party.  Most of the scientists and regular folk saw this as kind of dumb, but few had the guts to call out the D&I department for its selective moralizing except for a few choice comments on the internal forum.  This is how the D&I advocates get their way, running roughshod on conservatives and theists by borrowing theistic values of love and respect to beat them over the heads with it.Let the D&I advocates get their values from E. O. Wilson.  At least they would be logically consistent for a few seconds as their logic sinks like quicksand under their feet.(Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Paragliding in South Africa

first_imgIf you’re planning to do paragliding in South Africa, there’s a variety of options available. Here’s more on paragliding in the country.The Cape Town Tandem Paragliding is one of the companies that operates in the South African tourism industry. (Image: Cape Town Tandem Paragliding)Brand South African reporterIf you’re into paragliding or hang gliding, South Africa has a real treat in store for you. The sky is the limit!In the country’s hot interior, amazing thermals have helped many paraglider and hang glider pilots to record-breaking distance flights, particularly in the Northern Cape province.But this flat, hot area doesn’t have much in the way of relief – for that, you can to head to the coastal Eastern Province, KwaZulu-Natal or Western Cape, or inland to Mpumalanga province.SkydivingIf you’re a skydiver, you know all about the pull of gravity – so don’t miss out on a quick jump while you’re on holiday in SA. There are loads of excellent ridge soar and some fantastic scenic flying near the coast. In Cape Town, you can launch off Lion’s Head in the evening, fly into the sunset, and land at one of the popular beachfront pubs.Further up South Africa’s coast, near the town of Wilderness on the Western Cape Garden Route, you can fly over the sea, often seeing dolphins and whales. And the high-lying areas of the Western and Eastern Cape, and the Drakensberg Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga, offer spectacular scenery.There is even reasonable flying about 80 kilometres from Johannesburg, near Hartbeespoort Dam, where you can fly under the controlled airspace of a number of medium-sized airfields and OR Tambo International Airport.Paragliding linksBirdmen Paragliding is located in Table View, Cape Town. They teach paragliding in Cape Town and the surrounding areas, and provide tandem flights, if required. For those wish to travel further afield, anything from one-day trips up to guided tours lasting as long as three weeks are available.Cape Town Tandem Paragliding offers flights in and around Cape Town with pilots carrying South African Hang gliding and Paragliding Assocation certification. Flights further afield, to Hermanus and Sir Lowry’s Pass are also available. In addition, in-flight photography is offered.Cloudbase Paragliding School is based in the Eastern Cape town of Wilderness. There are 24 flying sites within an hour’s drive. They range from easy coastal soaring to cross country thermals. Cloudbase offers a number of different tours, including the Smile while you Scream Tour that visits the Alps in Europe. There is also the 14-day Ski/Fly Alpine Tour that includes skiing, snowboarding, and flying. Other destination include the Garden Route and Hermanus. Downhill Adventures offer paragliding tours around the Cape Peninsula with internationally qualified guides. The sites they frequent are Lions Head, Signal Hill, Sir Lowries Pass, Hermanus, Franschhoek Pass, Dassklip Pass (Porterville), Noordhoek and the Garden Route from Wilderness to Port Elizabeth. Tandem paragliding is available for those who have no previous experience of paragliding.Eagle Encounters offers hang gliding training in Wilderness on the Western Cape coast. It has been training hand gliding pilots since 1986 and offers a number of different courses. Eagle Encounters fly each and every day, depending on the weather. Their website includes a useful question and answer section to help you understand what hang gliding is all about.Eternity Press Paragliding in South Africa is a flying site for pilots who paraglide or hang glide, or for anyone who wants to. It offers useful reviews of paragliders, a list of South African free-flying sites, a complete introduction to flying in South Africa, books, and DVDs among other things. Extreme Scene are adventure tour specialists. They offer tandem paragliding in Cape Town, during which you can take in Table Mountain, Table Bay, and the Atlantic Seaboard. Tandem paragliding is also offered at Hermanus and Franschoek, while videos of the trip may be made as an optional extra.Fly Cape Town Paragliding offers tandem paragliding flights, departing from either lions Head of Signal Hill, depending on the weather conditions on the day. Flights range from 10 to 30 minutes in duration, but extended flights can also be arranged. Flights can be arranged from other sights too on request.Flying Unlimited has been training students in powered paragliding since 1995. It also supplies equipment and the website features extensive information on all aspects of the sport. Flying Unlimited is based in Pretoria and flying is done from the Groen Goud farm.Fly Time Paragliding is based in Sedgefield on the Garden Route, an area blessed with fantastic natural beauty. Courses are offered in English and German. If it’s a thrill you’re after, no experience or training is needed for a tandem flight.FlySa.net is available in English and German and presents a useful overview of paragliding in South Africa and Namibia. Information on safety, the South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, competitions, DIY and guiding, hanggliding and powered paragliding is provided. Fun Ventures Paragliding School is located in Edenglen in Johannesburg. They offer paragliding training and courses, with the traditional mountain training method and with winching from the ground, with winching the preferred method because of the relative flatness of Gauteng. They also offer tandem flights which, like the courses, can be booked through the website. In addition there is a useful collection of links, to be found under “selection list” at the bottom of the webpage.The Parachute Association of South Africa oversees skydiving in South Africa. On the website, you can find out how to get started and what’s on offer. It lists drop zones, and show jumping operations, and provides contacts for the people in charge of the many disciplines that make up the Sports Skydivers’ Association. Events’ listing is also provided.Paragliding Adventures , initially known as SA Paragliding Tours, was founded in 1998. They operate out of the Dunnotar Winch Park at the now disused Dunnotar Military Base on the East Rand. They also use Vaalkop in Mpumalanga and Bilene in Mozambique. New and second-hand equipment is available. Team Building is also available and is aimed at groups of five to 10 people.Paragliding Afrika conducts paragliding and paramotoring courses and tours for beginners up to intermediate level pilots. They operate out of beautiful Wakkerstroom on the Mpumalanga/KwaZulu-Natal border. Winch flying and conversion courses at Dunnottar, just outside Johannesburg are also offered.Paraglide- South-Africa.com is a website that provides local and international pilots with information on paragliding, resources, and places to stay when flying in South Africa. The website specializes in tours, trips, vacations and accommodation in South Africa. You can find out information on paragliding schools, flying sites, and tandem flights.Para-Pax offers tandem paragliding flights around Cape Town. They have experienced internationally qualified and guides, who are able to take passengers without any previous experience up into the skies. In-flight photography and videography is also on offer. Flights are not restricted to around Cape Town only, with Hermanus, Sir Lowries Pass, Franschhoek, Koringberg, Porterville, Macassar Beach, and Picketberg among the venues available.Para-Taxi Tandem Paragliding offers tandem flights with South African Hang and Paragliding Association-approved tandem instructor pilot. Typical flights last from 10 to 25 minutes, take in the stunning Cape Peninsula, and take place from many different sites around Cape Town. Flights may also be undertaken in the winelands, around Franschhoek and Paarl.The Skywalk School of Paragliding is in Pretoria, Gauteng. They present introductory and basic courses with their own equipment, and an advanced course for those with their own equipment. They also have a fly-away on the first weekend of every month. Skywalk also sells a wide range of paragliding equipment, ranging from gliders, helmets, harnesses, accessories likes caps, bags and clothing. They ship to anywhere in the world.The Soaring Society of South Africa is the national body for soaring/gliding in South Africa, and affiliated to the Aero Club of South Africa. It has, among other things, a list of gliding clubs in South Africa, and the SA Soaring Magazine. It also features a calendar of upcoming competitions and a forum.The South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association is the governing body for legally flying paragliders, hang gliders, powered paragliders, powered hang gliders and para-trikes in South Africa. All pilots that part take in these sports must be licensed by SAHPA, as required by the Civil Aviation Act. The website offers useful information on paragliding, hang gliding, powered paragliding, competitions, schools, and clubs. Viedo clips and galleries are also featured, as well as links.The Wallend-Air School of Paragliding is located in Cape Town. They offer plenty of courses, as well as tandem flights and powered paragliding. Equipment is also available, and there is an events calendar on the website and a gallery to show you what it’s all about.Wild Sky Paragliding School, which has been running since 1993, is headed up by Hans Fokkens, who has his national colours in the sport. The school offers flying in and around Bulwer Mountain, on the edge of the southern Drakensberg. Tandem flights are available and lodging is also offered. Various other activities around Bulwer make for a good getaway experience.Xplorer Paramotors provide a backpack-style aircraft engine, designed to convert paraglider wings to powered paragliding (PPG). They offer PPG training at the training field at Dolphin Beach in Cape Town. New and used gear is available, including accessories. Professional aerial photography is also on offer.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

2010 Was the Year of Integration for Zoho

first_imgZoho‘s Raju Vegesna wrote a post looking back at Zoho CRM in 2010, emphasizing all the new integrations Zoho has rolled out this year. According to a post on Twitter, Zoho released a new CRM integration every six weeks. Meanwhile, the company released several integrations between its own products, such as Zoho Wiki and Zoho Projects. This was clearly the year of integrations for Zoho. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Here are the Zoho CRM integrations released this year:Integration with Google Apps and is part of Google Apps MarketplaceIntegration with Google Docs Integration with Gmail through Gmail Contextual GadgetsIntegration with QuickBooksIntegration with Telephone SystemsIntegration with Google SitesIntegration with CreatorIntegration with Zoho ChatAnd here’s a list of this year’s integrations between Zoho apps:Zoho Wiki Integration with Zoho ProjectsZoho Chat integration with Zoho Projects & CRMZoho Creator integration with Zoho CRM & Invoice?????????????????????????????????????Zoho Reports integration with Zoho CreatorTasks Integration with Projects & CRMZoho SearchZoho Mail & Zoho CRMThere’s a tension in enterprise software between the suite/Swiss Army knife approach and the best-of-breed approach. Zoho seems to be trying to have it both ways. It offers both a mammoth suite of business applications to customers such as GE. But it also offers its applications ala cart through channels such as Google Apps Marketplace, where ZohoCRM is the third most popular application. These integrations may attract customers that use one of Zoho’s best-of-breed solutions for other platforms to its larger suite of integrated offerings.Some vendors, such as Jive and Salesforce.com are making a transition into becoming platform companies. Zoho has had an app store since 2008, selling apps built with its Zoho Creator tool. It also has an API. So to some extent, it’s in the platform business too.It will be interesting to see where Zoho goes in 2011. Will it focus on improving a few strong apps, keep expanding its suite or focus on its platform? Or will it keep juggling all three activities? Related Posts Tags:#cloud#saas A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… klint finley Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Spain Asks Google for the Right To Be Forgotten

first_imgRelated Posts dan rowinski Tags:#privacy#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Do you have an embarrassing moment in your past? Did it turn out to be newsworthy? There is a good chance it made it to the Internet and now is forever searchable by Google and the other search engines.Google is being hit with a “Right To Forget” lawsuit in Spain as the country’s Data Protection Agency has ordered the Web giant to take down search links on 90 people. According to The Associated Press, Google is fighting five of those lawsuits in Spain’s National Court and in January refused Spain’s request on all 90 of the claims.Almost everybody has something on the Internet that they would rather people not see. For example, I would love if a message board post I did in the band No Doubt’s forum when I was a teenager could be stricken from the record. No such luck. Search technology has lowered the bar for obtaining information on people on the Internet. In the Spain suit, the AP gives the example of a plastic surgeon, Hugo Guidotti, where the first search result is an example of his work but the second is of a lawsuit from 1991 accusing him of surgery that went bad (Guidotti was acquitted). The European Union has introduced legislation to protect Internet users’ data online that would also allow for the right to be forgotten, according The Telegraph. In the EU law, individuals would have to opt-in for companies to use their data. That could mean companies like Google could not use their information in search results unless permission is expressly given. The United States has introduced legislation recently that would follow the EU lead in privacy such as the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in CyberSpace and the Commercial Data Bill Of Rights.See also:FTC Charges Google with “Deceptive Privacy Practices” in Buzz RolloutGoogle and Privacy: A HistoryTen Countries Call On Google To Respect PrivacyGoogle has argued that erasing personal search results would compromise the integrity and objectivity of its search results. The point is fair. There are historical influences to be considered when talking about search results. For instance, a lot of American history scholars use old broadsides, pamphlets, published letters and news articles to decipher and uncover pertinent historical data that helps us better understand our history. In the current era of technology the equivalent of such data are searchable news records, blog posts, tweets and more. In many ways, Google is the first line of historical preservation.On the other hand, search can be skewed and manipulated by parties with an agenda. For instance, during the recent 2010 mid-term elections political activists used SEO tactics to raise the search rankings of embarrassing articles of political opponents. Businesses have used similar tactics when a competitor makes a gaffe, a sort of proxy war marketing technique. Granted, politicians and businesses are not private citizens but the same power for abuse still exists. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Your Problem Is Opportunity Acquisition

first_imgThe biggest challenge in sales today is opportunity acquisition. Period.Your dream clients are busier than ever. They are doing more with fewer resources than ever. They don’t have time to waste with salespeople that are not prepared to create value.Even though your dream client may be sitting on a pile of cash, they aren’t going to part with that cash unless it’s for something that helps them produce dramatically greater results or creates a strategic advantage.More and more, companies are only buying when they reach consensus. And because consensus is so hard to reach many no longer bother trying. Unless there’s a burning platform nobody’s going to push for change.But this isn’t to say that value can’t be created, and it isn’t to say that opportunities don’t exist. It more likely means that there are greater opportunities than ever before. The world economy is worth $80 trillion–there’s a few deals in there for you, I promise.So, what gives?Salespeople have been told to stop making phone calls. They’ve been told that picking up the phone no longer works, and they’ve taken the advice of charlatans who prey on their fears and weaknesses.Salespeople and sales organizations have been sold on the promise of inbound marketing. They’ve been told that lead generation was someone else’s responsibility long enough that they’ve come to believe it. Now they spent too much time talking about the quality of leads rather than working those leads from wherever they find them in the buying cycle.Sales people have been told that social media is the magic bullet. But some number of salespeople spend too much time on social media and not enough on the telephone, while an equal number of ignore social media altogether and don’t yet have a remotely compelling LinkedIn profile.Sales managers have been told not to manage activity, to manage outcomes. Good advice–as long as your problem isn’t low activity. And there are no outcomes without activity. It matters just as much that salespeople engage in the right activities as it does that they are effective when doing so.Salespeople spend more time farming than they do hunting. They spend more time owning transactions than they do owning outcomes–and sometimes they don’t own the right outcomes.These are the many causes of your opportunity acquisition problem.I once heard a story of a company that sold their business. The new owners changed everything. The brand suffered, and sales collapsed. The new owners sold it back to the original owner. When they asked him how he restored the business he said, “I made a list of every decision they made, and then I reversed them.” Free Infographic! Download my “8 reasons your sales opportunity stalled” infographic A super-cool, professionally-designed infographic shows the 8 reasons your opportunity stalled. Use this infographic and get back on track. Download Nowlast_img read more

The crazy life of boxer Johnny Tapia

first_imgCayetano dares Lacson, Drilon to take lie-detector test: Wala akong kinita sa SEA Games What ‘missteps’? Injured Sharapova out of Wimbledon Heart Evangelista admits she’s pregnant… with chicken On Sunday his widow will stand in his place as Tapia joins a Hall of Fame class that includes Evander Holyfield and Marco Antonio Barrera in Canastota, New York. His induction comes five years almost to the day that he was found dead in his home.It will be a bittersweet moment for Teresa. She will give the acceptance speech her late husband is not around to make, and their three sons will be there to add support.There will be cheers, which Tapia loved. And there will be plenty of people, which he loved, too.“Johnny just genuinely loved people, no matter who they were,” Teresa Tapia said. “When he got in the ring it was more than just salvation for him, it was his way to give back to the fans. His whole life was about people.”It was a life that started without the most important person, his father, who was killed before he was born. At the age of eight he watched as his mother was stabbed 26 times with a screwdriver and left to die.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES “This is what he wanted and how he wanted to be remembered,” she said. “In a way it makes it so he keeps on living.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next 1 dead in Cavite blast, fire WATCH: Firefighters rescue baby seal found in parking garage Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ View comments Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics PLAY LIST 00:45Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics05:25PH boxing team determined to deliver gold medals for PH01:05Amir Khan claims Manny Pacquiao has agreed to Saudi Arabia bout02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. World’s 50 Best Restaurants launches new drinking and dining guide MOST READ “I was raised as a pit bull. Raised to fight to the death,” Tapia wrote in his 2006 autobiography “Mi Vida Loca.” ″Four times I was declared dead. Four times they wanted to pull life support. And many more times I came close to dying.”One of those times was on his wedding night, when Teresa found him overdosed in the bathroom, a needle in his arm. Tapia battled drugs and he battled alcohol, but never had the winning record against them that he had in the ring.His life wasn’t just crazy, it was tragic. In 2007 he was hospitalized with a cocaine overdose, and his brother-in-law and nephew were killed in a car accident on their way to Albuquerque to see him.A stint in prison cost him four years of his boxing career. A suspension for cocaine use cost him three more.Through it all he fought, sometimes magnificently, winning three different titles starting at 115 pounds. He fought with showmanship and he fought with raw anger, winning 59 fights against five losses and two draws.But he couldn’t stay clean, couldn’t stay out of trouble. It was never really a question of how badly his life would end, but when it would end.“He was so open about his problems that sometimes people gave us grief about that,” Teresa Tapia said. “Yes he did drugs, but Johnny always said he never asked to be a role model. He said don’t look at me, just pray for me. He didn’t want others to fall for what he did. He was very straight forward.”That Tapia was voted by boxing writers into the Hall of Fame on his first ballot is testament to what he managed to accomplish in boxing despite his many issues. The city of Albuquerque recently named a community center in his honor, a testament to what he meant to boxing fans in that city.Teresa Tapia said she visited the Boxing Hall of Fame with her late husband in the 1990s, and he talked about how the all-time greats like Muhammad Ali had been there.Now he will have his own spot among them. FILE – In this Feb. 23, 2007 file photo, Johnny Tapia, from Albuquerque, N.M., is carried around the ring after his majority decision over Evaristo Primero, from El Paso, Texas, in a 10-round bout at Isleta Pueblo, N.M. Tapia was hospitalized in critical condition Monday, March 12, 2007, after an apparent cocaine overdose,. (AP Photo/Jake Schoellkopf)Johnny Tapia was never going to make it alive into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.He had way too many addictions, way too many demons. The only place Tapia ever felt peace was in the ring itself.ADVERTISEMENT “Johnny always said that when my career is over I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself and I probably won’t last long,” his widow, Teresa, said. “He lasted one year from when he quit boxing.”There was never really an official cause of death. Tapia’s heart simply stopped beating and, unlike his previous brushes with death, this one was for real.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutTapia himself never thought he would live past the age of 40. He reached 45 before his tormented life finally came to an end at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.“He was full of life and was training still,” Teresa Tapia said. “We know he abused his body with drugs but he was clean from cocaine. Unfortunately he was taking prescription medication at the time, but it was because everything in his body was broken.” Heart Evangelista admits she’s pregnant… with chickenlast_img read more

National Child Month Church Service Held in Trelawny

first_img The service marked the start of Child Month activities, which will be held under the theme ‘A.F.F.I.R.M Me’. Chair of the National Child Month Committee (NCMC), Dr. Pauline Mullings, whose remarks were read by Kerri-Anne Palmer, a member of the NCMC, said that the theme emerged from a call from children for adults to recognise and validate their worth. Story Highlights Meanwhile, Mayor of Falmouth, His Worship Councillor Colin Gager, brought greetings on behalf of State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Floyd Green. Hundreds of children living in Falmouth and its environs participated in the National Child Month Church Service, which was held on Sunday, May 6 at the William Knibb Memorial Baptist Church in Trelawny.  Hundreds of children living in Falmouth and its environs participated in the National Child Month Church Service, which was held on Sunday, May 6 at the William Knibb Memorial Baptist Church in Trelawny.The service marked the start of Child Month activities, which will be held under the theme ‘A.F.F.I.R.M Me’. Chair of the National Child Month Committee (NCMC), Dr. Pauline Mullings, whose remarks were read by Kerri-Anne Palmer, a member of the NCMC, said that the theme emerged from a call from children for adults to recognise and validate their worth.She added that children need an environment that fosters love, friendship and appreciation, and they want grown-ups to be role models who will impact their lives in a positive way.Meanwhile, Mayor of Falmouth, His Worship Councillor Colin Gager, brought greetings on behalf of State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Floyd Green.“As we bring added national focus to the status and welfare of our children, we should do so against the background of many encouraging accomplishments of our children, and we should be keenly aware of the need to continue working tirelessly to protect them from the various forms of abuse,” the Mayor said.“Amid reports of violent attacks, physical and verbal abuses on our children, we must go beyond condemnation and expression of frustration. We must all get involved by using the available avenues, such as the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) and the Office of the Children’s Advocate, to report incidents of child abuse,” he added.The Mayor charged those in attendance to acknowledge, positively influence and motive all the children they come in contact with daily.Other activities for Child Month include National Children’s Day, which will be observed on Friday, May 18. The NCMC members, along with stakeholders and sponsors, will be in Half-Way Tree; St. William Grant Park, downtown Kingston; and Sam Sharp Square, Montego Bay, to interact with children.The public is being asked to wear bright yellow on Children’s Day. On Wednesday, May 30, a National Day of Prayer and Fasting will be held at the May Pen New Testament Church of God from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. On this day, individuals and organisations are being asked to observe one minute of silence at noon.Sponsors of Child Month include GraceKennedy Ltd., National Baking Company Ltd., Kingston Bookshop, RJRGleaner Communications Group, National Health Fund, General Accident Insurance Company Ltd., Island Grill Ltd., Jamaica Producers Group Ltd., and Restaurants of Jamaica.last_img read more

IAS officer granted bail

first_imgThiruvananthapuram: A Kerala court on Tuesday granted bail to suspended IAS officer Sriram Vekitaraman, who was arrested for alleged drunken driving that caused the death of a journalist here. Judicial First Class Magistrate Aneesa A granted bail after perusing the chemical examination report of Venkitaraman’s blood samples, which was found negative for alcohol content and the case diary of the police. “Bail application allowed”, the judge said, accepting the defence argument that there was no alcohol content in the blood sample of the accused. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’Venkitaraman’s blood sample was taken nine hours after the mishap after he initially refused to provide it and after getting himself admitted in a private hospital. The IAS officer was arrested on August 3, hours after the luxury car driven by him in an alleged inebriated condition while returning from a private party, hit journalist, K Muhammed Basheer, killing him on the spot. He was later remanded to 14 days judicial custody. The government had on Monday suspended the 33-year-old officer, who was serving as the Survey Director. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) had also been constituted to probe the case. 35-year-old Basheer, Thiruvananthapuram Bureau Chief of Malayalam daily “Siraj”, was on his home from work when the mishap occurred at around one am on Saturday.last_img read more

Sobeys to cut 800 office jobs as part of reorganization of grocery

first_imgTORONTO – The Sobeys grocery business will be cutting about 800 office jobs across Canada as part of efforts to create one efficient national organization out of five regional operations, the company announced Friday.“The future success of Sobeys, and our continued service to over 900 communities across the country, depends on our steadfast commitment to transform our business,” said Michael Medline, who is chief executive of Sobeys and its parent company, Empire Co. Ltd. (TSX:EMP.B)Local reports of the news began to emerge late Thursday ahead of an internal announcement to Sobeys staff. The company confirmed the reports Friday morning.Sobeys is Canada’s second-largest grocery company, after Loblaw Cos. Ltd. (TSX:L), and faces many of the same challenges in the industry: competition from new rivals, higher costs from rising minimum wages in some areas and technological change.However, the company has also been struggling for several years with problems arising from its acquisition of Safeway Canada — which gave Sobeys a much bigger presence in Western Canada.“The first phase of our plan to transform our business, which has been focused on resetting the foundation of Sobeys and creating a new organization structure, is now substantially complete,” Medline said in a statement to the media.“This will allow us to be more efficient in many ways and to be more agile as we pursue new opportunities to compete and win the loyalty of Canadians.”In September, Empire reported that it was on track to achieve $500 million in annual cost savings as part of its transformation plan, dubbed Project Sunrise.It also reported that Sobeys had achieved same-store sales growth in the first quarter of its 2018 financial year. It was the first time in 18 months that Sobeys had reported higher year-over-year sales at stores open at least a year.Shares of Empire — which owns Sobeys Inc. and has an interest in the publicly-traded Crombie real-estate trust — were up about one per cent Friday morning.The stock has been stepping up in stages since the beginning of the year, when they were worth about $$15.55 each, and were above $25 each last week.Analyst Irene Nattel of RBC Dominion Securities wrote in a note to clients that the elimination of about 20 per cent of the Sobeys office workforce is a “critical step” towards reducing the company’s operating burden — but she remains cautious.“In our view . . . successful and timely implementation of the strategic plan boils down to execution and the process is unlikely to move forward in a straight line, with the CEO reiterating on the most recent conference call that quarterly performance is likely to ebb and flow as they execute Project Sunrise,” Nattel wrote.“Given the magnitude of the task that lies ahead, the competitive environment, EMP’s structural disadvantage in the discount space and rising ecommerce penetration, we recommend investors remain cautious . . . “Among the major challenges that face Canada’s major domestic grocers, including Loblaw, Sobeys and Montreal-based Metro Inc. (TSX:MRU), is Amazon.com’s increased presence in food retailing — including its recent acquisition of the Whole Foods chain of grocery stores.While Whole Foods has few stores in Canada, the country’s domestic grocers have worked to improve their efficiency to defend themselves from Amazon’s move into a bricks-and-mortar business to complement its disruptive online presence.Additionally, Sobeys and other national retailers have said they expect labour costs to rise as a result of higher minimum wages in Ontario — the country’s biggest provincial economy — as well as higher food costs.The Competition Bureau is also investigating the grocery industry amid allegations of price-fixing in the packaged bread space. Loblaw, Sobeys and Metro have said they’re co-operating with the federal agency’s probe but details of the files have been sealed by court order, limiting their comments on the matter.last_img read more