first_imgPictures by Geraldine Diver.Glenswilly GAA 5k 2014Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club 1 39 15.20 Gerard Gallagher SM Finn Valley A C2 77 15.35 Ivan Toner SM Letterkenny A C3 136 15.49 Gavin Corey SM Individual4 654 16.04 Adam Friel SM Letterkenny A C 5 203 16.10 james Brown M40 City Of Derry6 204 16.12 Pauric Breslin SM Letterkenny A C7 80 16.25 Shane Mc Nulty M35 Finn Valley A C8 527 16.30 Michael Black SM 24/7 Triathlon9 640 16.47 Ciaran Mc Gonagle M35 Rosses A.C. 10 81 16.49 Barry Meehan SM Letterkenny A C11 531 16.50 Adam Speeer SM 24/7 Triathlon12 110 17.00 Kevin Ferry M40 Letterkenny A C13 152 17.02 Raymond Birch SM Letterkenny A C 14 642 17.03 Kevin Mc Gee M40 Rosses A.C.15 144 17.06 Aidan Mc Kenna M40 Letterkenny A C16 166 17.15 john Sweeney SM Cranford A C17 234 17.15 Liam Doherty M35 Cranford A C18 90 17.23 Gareth Kerrigan SM Milford A C19 146 17.26 Liam Murray M35 Individual20 501 17.34 Brian Mc Crea M35 Finn Valley A C21 602 17.35 John Mc Callion SM Individual22 122 17.37 James Mc Fadden SM Cranford A C23 621 17.42 Brian Ferry SM Letterkenny A C24 202 17.48 Dominic Bonner M50 Finn Valley A C25 103 17.57 Stefan Mc Crossan JM Letterkenny A C26 131 18.01 Mark Hunter SM 24/7 Triathlon27 52 18.01 Darren Price M35 Letterkenny A C28 196 18.05 Paddy Fox SM Cranford A C29 269 18.07 Conor Boyce Walker Individual26 June 2014 Page 1 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club30 209 18.08 Gerard Mc Gettigan M50 Milford A C31 514 18.20 Joe Gibbons SM Individual32 228 18.23 Mark Diver SM Letterkenny A C33 230 18.25 Gerard Devine SM Individual34 229 18.26 John Daly M40 24/7 Triathlon35 108 18.26 Johnny o’Doherty SM Individual36 199 18.43 Paul Mc Monagle SM Letterkenny A C37 655 18.45 martin Mc Ginley M40 Individual38 605 18.45 mark Connolly M50 Finn Valley A C39 92 18.46 Ray Mc Groary M40 Milford A C40 213 18.48 Paul Cosgrave M40 Letterkenny A C41 159 18.50 Dermott Mc Elchar M35 Individual42 539 18.51 Niall Gildea SM Individual43 525 18.51 Paul Gildea SM Individual44 151 18.51 Paul Mc Gettigan SM Milford A C45 134 18.55 Anthony Mc Daid M35 Individual46 444 18.56 Sean McGinley Walker Individual47 647 19.00 Dan Friel SM Individual48 118 19.06 PJ Hagan SM Milford A C49 117 19.08 Barry Mackey M50 Letterkenny A C50 1 19.12 Kay Byrne SW Finn Valley A C51 231 19.18 Barry Gallagher M35 Finn Valley A C52 94 19.21 Mark Cassidy SM Individual53 226 19.22 Olly Duffy SM Letterkenny A C54 455 19.22 Brian McIntrye Walker Individual55 535 19.22 Fergus Callaghan SM Individual56 120 19.29 Paul Lynch M35 24/7 Triathlon57 221 19.30 Cathal Morrison M40 Individual58 44 19.46 Eamon Ward SM Individual59 119 19.49 John Cannon M50 Tír Chonaill A C60 506 19.50 Francis Gildea SM Individual26 June 2014 Page 2 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club61 410 19.52 Mark McGinley Walker Individual62 543 19.56 Patrick Trimble M40 Individual63 128 20.02 Charley Bonner M35 Individual64 639 20.02 Liam Mc Hugh M50 Finn Valley A C65 97 20.03 Ciaran Gallagher SM Individual66 116 20.04 Padraig Boyle JM Individual67 528 20.06 Terry Mc Cauley SM Individual68 60 20.09 Jean Mc Ginley SW Letterkenny A C69 55 20.10 Charlie Gildea M40 24/7 Triathlon70 95 20.11 Hugh Gallagher M60 Letterkenny A C71 83 20.19 Daire Mc Monagle JM Individual72 123 20.20 Clare Keenan SW Finn Valley A C73 537 20.20 Kevin grennan M50 Individual74 141 20.20 PJ Friel M50 Individual75 243 20.23 Patricia Mc Nulty W40 Milford A C76 135 20.24 Mark Mc Fadden M40 Individual77 115 20.31 Eddie Mc Daid SM Individual78 210 20.32 james Gibbons M50 Milford A C79 227 20.32 Sharon Black W40 Letterkenny A C80 216 20.34 Gerard Mc Connell SM Individual81 222 20.34 Michael Mc Daid M35 Individual82 74 20.34 Sammy Johnston M40 24/7 Triathlon83 5 20.35 Shauna Mc Geehan SW Letterkenny A C84 620 20.36 Patrick Mc Nulty SM Individual85 250 20.37 Joseph Mc Dyre JM Individual86 148 20.38 Kevin Higgins SM Individual87 50 20.39 Carl Kelly M35 Individual88 646 20.41 John Mc Carron M40 24/7 Triathlon89 265 20.43 Conor Faul Walker Individual90 84 20.45 Anthony Murray M60 Individual91 3 20.46 Garvin Boyce M40 Individual26 June 2014 Page 3 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club92 612 20.49 Gerard Dorrian SM Individual93 67 20.50 Chris Nee M40 Individual94 653 20.51 michael Gallagher M40 Individual95 397 20.55 Jonathan Martin Walker Individual96 656 20.58 Deirdre Diver SW Letterkenny A C97 244 21.00 Matt Hogan M40 Milford A C98 601 21.02 Brian Mc Bride M60 Letterkenny A C99 102 21.04 Gabriel Mc Crossan M50 Letterkenny A C100 590 21.06 Jason Shiels Walker Individual101 88 21.08 Maeve Callaghan SW Letterkenny A C102 214 21.10 Charlie O’Donnell M35 Individual103 72 21.12 Chris Ashmore M40 Individual104 207 21.13 Sabrina mackey W40 24/7 Triathlon105 99 21.16 Terence Shiels SM Individual106 62 21.19 Noel Mc Cormick M40 Individual107 82 21.21 Dermot Boyle SM Killybegs A C108 153 21.22 Mary Hippsley W40 Finn Valley A C109 124 21.22 Michelle Hunter SW Finn Valley A C110 198 21.22 Richard Raymond M50 Letterkenny A C111 248 21.25 Bernard Mc Dyre M50 Individual112 631 21.27 Angus Hunter M40 Individual113 158 21.30 Finn Begley W40 Letterkenny A C114 456 21.31 Sean McGinley Walker Individual115 633 21.35 Leigh Crerand SM Individual116 10 21.37 Jeanette Maguire SW 24/7 Triathlon117 121 21.38 Serena Mc Daid SW Letterkenny A C118 127 21.41 Owen Coyle M50 Rosses A.C.119 211 21.42 Colette Mc Elwaine W35 Milford A C120 629 21.43 Pat Brady M50 Individual121 68 21.44 Amanda Mc Fadden SW Individual122 177 21.44 Martin Robinson M40 Milford A C26 June 2014 Page 4 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club123 18 21.49 John Hughes M50 Individual124 51 21.51 Ciaran Liddy M35 Letterkenny A C125 56 21.51 Patrick Mc Fadden SM Individual126 161 21.52 Paul Sweeney M40 Individual127 242 21.52 Collie O’Donnell M40 Letterkenny A C128 13 21.58 Hugh Ferry SM Individual129 412 21.59 Mark Bonner Walker Individual130 156 22.00 Vera Haughey W50 Tír Chonaill A C131 197 22.05 Pat Byrne M50 Killybegs A C132 652 22.08 Patrick Dunleavey M35 Letterkenny A C133 217 22.11 Sean O’Donnell M50 Milford A C134 53 22.12 Liam Mc Mullan M40 Individual135 274 22.16 Owen Collum Walker Individual136 630 22.17 Declan Mc Elwaine SM Individual137 645 22.18 Patrick Mc Monagle M40 Individual138 69 22.19 Lorraine Mc Daid SW Individual139 401 22.20 Oisin Randles Walker Individual140 149 22.21 Eilis Mc Clafferty SW Individual141 457 22.22 Orla Newell Walker Individual142 662 22.34 jonathan Mullen M40 Individual143 65 22.34 Imelda Gallagher W40 Individual144 7 22.36 Eimear Bradley SW Individual145 628 22.37 Brendan Sheridan M40 Individual146 125 22.42 Jackie Harvey W55 Tír Chonaill A C147 113 22.45 Gary Mc Daid M35 Individual148 513 22.45 Regina Gallagher SW Individual149 472 22.46 Sean McGinley Walker Individual150 232 22.48 Michelle Delaney SW Individual151 137 22.51 Dougie – M40 Individual152 186 22.52 Jason Flood Walker Individual153 236 22.55 Catherine Gallagher SW Individual26 June 2014 Page 5 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club154 114 22.55 Margaret Mc Glynn SW Individual155 176 22.59 ita Mc Gettigan W40 Milford A C156 592 22.59 Kealan Dunleavey Walker Individual157 63 23.00 Sean Mc Devitt M40 Individual158 64 23.04 Mary Gallagher W50 Individual159 17 23.06 Rosaleen Doherty W35 Letterkenny A C160 139 23.16 Mark Scott SM Individual161 607 23.20 Evelyn Mc Geehan W40 Finn Valley A C162 160 23.21 Pauline Sweeney W40 Individual163 613 23.21 Aidan Dorrian JM Individual164 192 23.22 Adrian Hards M40 Individual165 328 23.23 Neil Martin Walker Individual166 518 23.28 Tara Callaghan SW Individual167 721 23.28 Gary Mc Monagle SM Individual168 583 23.30 Conor Gallagher Walker Individual169 129 23.31 Martin Langan M40 Convoy170 512 23.33 Sinead Campbell SW Individual171 247 23.34 John Mc Ginley M60 Individual172 663 23.36 Marie Mullen W40 Individual173 107 23.37 Grace Friel W40 Milford A C174 174 23.37 Angela Mc Namee SW Individual175 20 23.43 Mark Doherty JM Individual176 25 23.44 Kieron Boyle M40 Individual177 96 23.45 Gloria Donaghey W55 Finn Valley A C178 526 23.46 Francesca patton SW Convoy179 505 23.47 amanda Mc Nulty W35 24/7 Triathlon180 75 23.48 Danny Gallagher M40 Individual181 61 23.49 Phillip Connolly M60 Letterkenny A C182 201 23.50 Jonathan Wilson SM Individual183 536 23.51 Arthur Lynch SM Individual184 273 23.51 Sean Collum Walker Individual26 June 2014 Page 6 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club185 529 23.52 Jack Brennan SM Individual186 9 23.52 Thomas Simmons SM Individual187 657 23.52 Denise Mc Gahern SW Finn Valley A C188 218 23.53 Alison Studdart SW Individual189 651 23.54 Mairead Jennings W40 Individual190 321 23.55 Reid Kelly Walker Individual191 641 23.56 mark Gildea SM Individual192 353 24.00 Danny McFadden Walker Individual193 658 24.04 marie Mc Colgan W40 Finn Valley A C194 223 24.07 Lisa Mc Glynn SW Individual195 500 24.10 Brian Doherty Walker Individual196 241 24.11 Darren Mc Ginley SM Individual197 604 24.16 Olivia Gillen SW Convoy198 6 24.25 Lisa Doherty SW 24/7 Triathlon199 220 24.28 Cathal Gallagher SM Individual200 544 24.31 Goretti Marley SW Finn Valley A C201 173 24.31 Eoin Sheehy M35 Individual202 294 24.33 Conor Mc Ginty Walker Individual203 509 24.34 Helene Mc Menamin W40 Individual204 206 24.38 PJ Sweeney M55 Finn Valley A C205 618 24.41 greta Toye W40 Individual206 619 24.41 james Toye M40 Individual207 329 24.42 Sean Martin Walker Individual208 533 24.43 Gary Price SM Individual209 466 24.47 Oisin McDaid Walker Individual210 89 24.52 Bernie Gallagher W35 Milford A C211 171 24.53 Darina Ferry W40 Milford A C212 172 24.54 Declan Friel M40 Milford A C213 48 24.55 John Hall M40 Individual214 392 24.55 Jude Hards Walker Individual215 239 24.57 Angela Trimble W40 Individual26 June 2014 Page 7 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club216 78 25.00 Billy Broderick M50 Killybegs A C217 617 25.00 martin Mc Kelvey M40 Individual218 293 25.04 Daithi Gallagher Walker Individual219 101 25.05 Ciara Donnelly SW Individual220 550 25.06 Eva Brennan Walker Individual221 673 25.07 Conor Mc Daid JM Individual222 402 25.09 Cian Randles Walker Individual223 493 25.10 Caoimhe Friel Walker Individual224 632 25.11 Henry Gallagher M35 Individual225 15 25.15 Brian Gormley M35 Individual226 100 25.22 AnneMarie Harold W40 Individual227 140 25.23 Frank Roache M40 Individual228 661 25.23 Sonya O’Donnell W40 Finn Valley A C229 11 25.25 MArie Mc Fadden SW Individual230 26 25.26 Anne Sweeney SW Individual231 24 25.27 Martina Mc Grenra W35 Individual232 23 25.34 Marcella Mc Grenra SW Individual233 451 25.37 Mandy Kelly Walker Individual234 361 25.40 Kyle Canning Walker Individual235 659 25.41 Bernie Crossan W40 Finn Valley A C236 16 25.43 Bridgeen Doherty W35 Letterkenny A C237 608 25.45 Eileen Morning W40 Individual238 664 25.48 Anne Kelly W40 Individual239 104 25.49 Dympna Bonner W40 Individual240 660 25.52 james doherty JM Individual241 130 25.54 Jackie Ireland W50 Letterkenny A C242 635 25.55 Dessie Mc Laughlin M40 Individual243 42 25.56 Brian Mc Hugh M40 Individual244 672 25.56 Lorraine Duffy W35 Individual245 126 26.16 Gerry Burke M50 Individual246 610 26.17 Paddy Gaffey SM Individual26 June 2014 Page 8 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club247 504 26.18 Denise Mc Bride W40 24/7 Triathlon248 59 26.19 Labhaoise Maguire W40 Individual249 46 26.20 Paul Lapsley M40 Individual250 245 26.21 Rory Reynolds M35 Individual251 245 26.21 Georgie Chan M40 Individual252 40 26.26 Fiona Temple W35 Individual253 665 26.27 Noleen Doogan W40 Individual254 208 26.28 amanda Mc Grath W35 Individual255 145 26.29 Clare Callaghan W35 Individual256 371 26.37 Philip McGee Walker Individual257 289 26.38 Tiernan Boyle Walker Individual258 357 26.40 Brian Marley Walker Individual259 219 26.47 Bernie Molloy SW Individual260 538 26.49 Gerry Durning M50 Individual261 112 26.50 Caoimhin marley JM Individual262 475 26.55 Evan Duddy Walker Individual263 541 26.55 Oliver Gallagher SM Individual264 147 26.55 Conor Mc Hugh JM Individual265 666 26.56 Shauna Moloney W40 24/7 Triathlon266 224 27.04 Cathy Harvey W45 Individual267 195 27.06 Denis Sheridan M50 Milford A C268 320 27.09 Jake Kelly Walker Individual269 22 27.11 Gerard Walsh M40 Individual270 254 27.13 Shane Devine Walker Individual271 415 27.15 Jack McGlynn Walker Individual272 400 27.17 Tanya Harvey Walker Individual273 70 27.19 Sinead Boyce W35 Individual274 175 27.20 Stephanie Dunleavey W40 Individual275 257 27.21 Eoghan Scott Walker Individual276 297 27.23 Daire Maguire Walker Individual277 76 27.24 Phyllis Lecky W40 Individual26 June 2014 Page 9 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club278 302 27.27 Eileen Quinn Walker Individual279 516 27.29 Francis O’Brien M40 Individual280 519 27.37 Eileen Dorrian W40 Individual281 142 27.38 Diane Mc Garrigle W35 Finn Valley A C282 422 27.40 Ben O’Connor Walker Individual283 79 27.43 Deirdre Mc Cloone W35 Individual284 476 27.44 Jack Harkin Walker Individual285 388 27.48 Darragh Enright Walker Individual286 200 27.49 Benny Sweeney M40 Convoy287 542 27.52 Cormac Gallen SM Individual288 143 27.53 Deirdre Browne W35 Finn Valley A C289 71 27.54 Miriam O’Donnell W40 Individual290 488 27.55 Shane McDaid Walker Individual291 497 27.56 Eamon Langan Walker Individual292 316 27.57 Jack Mc Glynn Walker Individual293 105 27.58 Packie Bonner M40 Individual294 508 27.59 Ciaran Mc Devitt SM Individual295 530 28.04 Shauna Walsh W35 Individual296 558 28.05 Orla Gallagher Walker Individual297 534 28.06 Agnes Ryan SW Milford A C298 45 28.07 Claire Bohan SW Individual299 205 28.08 Charlie Kane M50 Individual300 111 28.09 Stuart Friel SM Individual301 495 28.10 Oisin Gallagher Walker Individual302 29 28.11 Noreen Fagan W40 Individual303 311 28.12 Danny Hall Walker Individual304 215 28.13 Brid Mc Hugh SW Individual305 492 28.14 Aiden Friel Walker Individual306 373 28.15 Katie McGee Walker Individual307 491 28.16 Darren Friel Walker Individual308 87 28.17 Caoimhe Wherity SW Individual26 June 2014 Page 10 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club309 611 28.18 mary Gallagher SW Individual310 650 28.19 Stella Mc Cole W35 Individual311 626 28.22 Catherine Doherty W40 Individual312 66 28.26 Liam Dorrian SM Individual313 212 28.27 Ann Doherty W55 Milford A C314 503 28.32 Rita Conway W50 Individual315 699 28.33 Ann McMonagle Walker Individual316 502 28.34 Maria Mc Ginley SW Individual317 603 28.35 Mairead Mc Dermott SW Individual318 303 28.36 Rebecca Fletcher Walker Individual319 19 28.37 Corina Gibbons JW Individual320 237 28.42 Rosanna Byrne SW Individual321 634 28.47 mary Mc Gettigan W40 Individual322 391 28.50 Imogen Hards Walker Individual323 36 28.53 Bernie O’Donnell W40 Milford A C324 627 28.59 Maureen Mc Brearty SW Individual325 561 29.03 Ethan Spratt Walker Individual326 532 29.04 Pauline Dowds SW Finn Valley A C327 38 29.05 Katrina Mc Daid W35 Individual328 283 29.08 Colette Carberry Walker Individual329 138 29.09 Christine Barron W40 Finn Valley A C330 93 29.12 Avril Larkin W40 Individual331 327 29.13 Matthew Price Walker Individual332 360 29.16 Clare Mulrennan Walker Individual333 450 29.18 John Quinn Walker Individual334 389 29.20 Matthew Enright Walker Individual335 162 29.24 Naoise Enright M40 Letterkenny A C336 14 29.24 Karen Mc Hugh SW Individual337 35 29.25 Josie Gallagher W40 Individual338 616 29.26 Sophia Kelly W40 Individual339 622 29.27 Andrea Doherty W35 Individual26 June 2014 Page 11 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club340 165 29.28 Annette Duddy W40 Individual341 170 29.29 Nicola Bonner SW Individual342 669 29.30 Rose Stockdale SW Individual343 515 29.31 Deirdre Horan W40 Individual344 572 29.32 Matthew Gallagher Walker Letterkenny A C345 668 29.33 emma Gordon SW Individual346 348 29.34 Aiveen Randles Walker Individual347 458 29.35 Joanne Gallagher Walker Individual348 421 29.40 Conor McMonagle Walker Individual349 588 29.40 Annemarie Gallagher Walker Individual350 290 29.41 Caomhghin Boyle Walker Individual351 155 29.51 Catherine Cullen SW Individual352 599 29.52 Conor Aitken Walker Individual353 511 29.52 Catherine Deeney SW Individual354 609 29.55 Cecilia Sheridan SW Individual355 494 30.01 Nadine Friel Walker Individual356 184 30.01 Kyle McGarrigle Walker Individual357 54 30.08 Louise Dowling W40 Individual358 157 30.09 Una Kelly SW Individual359 271 30.12 Lee Boyce Walker Individual360 520 30.17 Mary Mc Brearty SW Individual361 469 30.22 Kyle Lynch Walker Individual362 358 30.22 Aine Duddy Walker Individual363 649 30.22 Donna Mc Gettigan W35 Individual364 595 30.26 Darragh Dunleavey Walker Individual365 27 30.33 Fiona Mc Connell W40 Individual366 411 30.33 Megan Bonner Walker Individual367 594 30.33 June Dunleavey Walker Individual368 179 30.42 Marnie Duffy W40 Individual369 178 30.50 jarlath Duffy M40 24/7 Triathlon370 336 30.55 Caolan Doherty Walker Individual26 June 2014 Page 12 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club371 403 30.56 Peter Russell Walker Individual372 523 30.57 Cathy Mc Glynn SW Individual373 194 31.00 Paul Russell SM Individual374 169 31.00 Annmarie Gallagher SW Individual375 484 31.01 Cillian Bonner Walker Individual376 524 31.16 mary Bonner SW Individual377 470 31.17 Adam Lynch Walker Individual378 582 31.23 Mhairi Clare McDaid Walker Individual379 667 31.24 Janet Mc Crudden SW Individual380 648 31.24 Georgina Mc Crudden SW Individual381 507 31.42 Michelle Rankin W40 Individual382 154 31.44 Avril Mc Mullen SW Individual383 256 31.45 Maria Carberry Walker Individual384 73 31.45 Catherine Brogan W40 Individual385 591 31.46 Caitlyn Ward Walker Individual386 636 31.49 Shelly Ward W40 Individual387 109 31.50 Claire Mc Bride SW Individual388 414 31.52 Shannon McGlynn Walker Individual389 334 31.55 Michael Doherty Walker Individual390 58 32.09 Julie Gaffney SW Individual391 485 32.09 Amanda Bonner Walker Individual392 312 32.11 Lauren Hall Walker Individual393 356 32.17 Emmet Browne Walker Individual394 712 32.23 Mikey McLaughlin Walker Individual395 540 32.24 Lorraine Gildea SW Individual396 396 32.26 Paul Crerand Walker Individual397 614 32.27 Anthony Carr M35 Individual398 318 32.28 Brigin Kelly Walker Individual399 319 32.29 Darcy Kelly Walker Individual400 615 32.32 Colette Bonner W35 Individual401 34 32.35 Mary Duddy W40 Individual26 June 2014 Page 13 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club402 167 32.37 Riaghan Mc Hugh W35 Individual403 477 32.38 Caitriona Duddy Walker Individual404 341 32.43 Aoife Gallagher Walker Individual405 701 32.48 Eithne Wallace Walker Individual406 510 32.51 Bernie Brennan SW Individual407 31 32.56 Anne Quinn SW Individual408 225 33.02 martina Mc Groarty SW Individual409 301 33.02 Niamh Quinn Walker Individual410 337 33.07 Aoife Campbell Walker Individual411 490 33.10 Mia Hunter Walker Individual412 259 33.12 Aine Carberry Walker Individual413 335 33.13 Cian Carberry Walker Individual414 37 33.13 Brendan Walsh M40 Individual415 98 33.18 Leonie Gallagher SW Individual416 517 33.20 martin Mc Brearty M50 Individual417 433 33.25 Leanne Gordon Walker Individual418 637 33.29 marina Cassidy W50 Individual419 638 33.33 Cathy nee W50 Individual420 235 33.41 Rosemarie Moore SW Individual421 106 33.41 Lisa Mackey SW Individual422 390 33.45 aoife Marley Walker Individual423 261 33.47 Amanda Gallagher Walker Individual424 308 33.48 Brid Mc Daid Walker Individual425 32 33.52 Evelyn Mc Bride SW Individual426 278 33.54 Marie Conaghan Walker Individual427 306 33.59 John Lapsley Walker Individual428 325 34.02 Caolan Glackin Walker Individual429 21 34.09 Philomena Walsh W35 Individual430 439 34.12 Teresa Crawford Walker Individual431 467 34.12 Maria Lynch Walker Individual432 376 34.18 Shane Doherty Walker Individual26 June 2014 Page 14 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club433 258 34.22 Cliona Doherty Walker Individual434 606 34.32 mary Furey W50 Individual435 420 34.36 Oisin McGrenra Walker Individual436 377 34.36 Maeve Murray Walker Individual437 570 34.39 Joseph Duddy Walker Individual438 705 34.40 Ellie Duddy Walker Individual439 587 34.59 Orla McLaughlin Walker Individual440 586 35.30 Gareth Gallagher Walker Individual441 280 35.30 Arabella Mc Cauley Walker Individual442 395 35.38 Oisin Ward Walker Individual443 281 35.42 Jamie Mc Cauley Walker Individual444 579 35.44 Michael Vaughan Walker Individual445 326 35.45 Lennon Glackin Walker Individual446 28 35.45 Frances Mc Bride W40 Individual447 340 35.45 Debbie Hay Walker Individual448 33 35.46 Siobhan Mc Laughlin SW Individual449 413 35.49 Darragh Bonner Walker Individual450 86 35.50 Deirdre Bonner SW Individual451 453 35.51 Megan Burke Walker Individual452 263 35.57 Gemma Gallagher Walker Individual453 454 36.04 Roisin Conaghan Walker Individual454 339 36.06 nell hay Walker Individual455 443 36.22 Kathleen Sweeney Walker Individual456 682 36.26 Michael Gallagher Walker Individual457 418 36.28 Ronan Sweeney Walker Individual458 715 36.32 Oisin Campbell Walker Individual459 623 36.35 Angela Mc Cabe SW Individual460 264 36.38 Jamie Mc Fadden Walker Individual461 57 36.38 Deborah Mc Hugh SW Individual462 671 36.38 Sean Mills SM Individual463 398 36.55 Vicky Bonner Walker Individual26 June 2014 Page 15 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club464 399 37.00 Maria Bonner Walker Individual465 432 37.00 Emily Mullen Walker Individual466 461 37.00 katie Murray Walker Individual467 378 37.02 Ciara McDevitt Walker Individual468 291 37.21 Annette Doherty Walker Individual469 404 37.32 Anna Russell Walker Individual470 448 37.47 Noreen Russell Walker Individual471 567 37.48 Jack mcBride Walker Individual472 565 37.48 Niamh McLaughlin Walker Individual473 370 37.52 Seannagh Kelly Walker Individual474 322 37.52 Lauren Friel Walker Individual475 307 37.57 Elizabeth Burke Walker Individual476 268 37.57 Danielle Boyce Walker Individual477 267 38.05 Eileen Boyce Walker Individual478 49 38.06 Kitty Hall W35 Individual479 309 38.17 Orla Mc Daid Walker Individual480 387 38.17 Grace Gallagher Walker Individual481 546 38.18 Claire McConnell Walker Individual482 338 38.26 Caroline Mc Monagle Walker Individual483 680 39.16 Hannah Hopkins Walker Individual484 643 39.17 Siobhan Hopkins W35 Individual485 681 39.17 Catherine Hopkins Walker Individual486 182 39.17 John Wallace Walker Individual487 596 39.26 Catherine Canning Walker Individual488 552 39.27 Karen Duddy Walker Individual489 551 39.27 Laura Duddy Walker Individual490 685 39.30 Evelyn Cullen Walker Individual491 298 39.30 Mary Mc Hugh Walker Individual492 710 39.38 Evelyn Cullen Walker Individual493 545 39.40 Rosie Doherty Walker Individual494 133 39.47 Martina Harkin W35 Individual26 June 2014 Page 16 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club495 132 39.54 Anita O Donnell W35 Individual496 85 39.58 Sean Bonner M35 Individual497 315 39.58 Cathy Mc Glynn Walker Individual498 314 39.59 Damien Mc Glynn Walker Individual499 317 40.10 Harry Mc Glynn Walker Individual500 498 40.13 Pauric Devine Walker Individual501 351 40.13 Lillian Sheridan Walker Individual502 354 40.19 Julia McFadden Walker Individual503 464 40.36 Luke Patton Walker Individual504 702 40.39 Ellen O’Donnell Walker Individual505 183 41.10 Danielle Diver Walker Individual506 474 41.17 Orla Duddy Walker Individual507 423 41.20 Rachel Callaghan Walker Individual508 593 41.21 Lucia Dunleavey Walker Individual509 305 41.31 Caitriona Graham Walker Individual510 284 41.31 Carmel Mc Ginty Walker Individual511 703 41.41 Josephine Callaghan Walker Individual512 417 41.43 Niamh Bonner Walker Individual513 416 41.44 Annemarie Doherty Walker Individual514 346 41.45 Chloe Deeney Walker Individual515 266 41.48 Lara Faul Walker Individual516 707 41.55 Eoghan O’Donnell Walker Individual517 644 41.57 martin O’Donnell M35 Individual518 359 41.58 oisin Moore Walker Individual519 380 42.17 Danny McConnell Walker Individual520 366 42.22 Leonie McBride Walker Individual521 692 42.22 Sally Gallagher Walker Individual522 324 42.22 Jackie Mc Ateer Walker Individual523 349 42.25 Bridgeen McDaid Walker Individual524 691 42.33 Kate Prendergast Walker Individual525 478 42.33 Christine Cullen Walker Individual26 June 2014 Page 17 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club526 347 42.33 Margaret Ann McDaid Walker Individual527 363 42.34 Jayden Friel Walker Individual528 255 42.37 William Devine Walker Individual529 276 42.40 Stephen Sheridan Walker Individual530 275 42.41 Annette Sheridan Walker Individual531 706 42.44 Jack Duddy Walker Individual532 548 42.44 Bernie Cahill Walker Individual533 700 42.45 Michaela McMonagle Walker Individual534 577 42.45 Riona Horan Walker Individual535 576 42.48 Paul Horan Walker Individual536 473 42.52 Brona Duddy Walker Individual537 277 42.53 Stevie Sheridan Walker Individual538 270 43.02 Aiden Boyce Walker Individual539 452 43.02 Pauric Conaghan Walker Individual540 716 43.07 Rachel Carlin Walker Individual541 372 43.07 Ita McGee Walker Individual542 462 43.10 Gary Patton Walker Individual543 465 43.27 Lucy Patton Walker Individual544 393 43.27 Deirdre Ward Walker Individual545 323 43.37 Lauren Lynch Walker Individual546 431 43.37 Aoife Conaghan Walker Individual547 430 43.38 Laura McConnell Walker Individual548 374 43.43 Grit McGee Walker Individual549 435 43.44 Bridget Friel Walker Individual550 253 43.44 Donna Devine Walker Individual551 436 43.51 Katy Friel Walker Individual552 434 43.52 Shauna Gordon Walker Individual553 424 44.33 Megan Callaghan Walker Individual554 394 44.46 Patrick Ward Walker Individual555 717 44.46 Aine Carlin Walker Individual556 624 44.58 James Carlin M35 Individual26 June 2014 Page 18 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club557 679 44.58 Laura Sweeney Walker Individual558 459 44.59 Coral Mott Walker Individual559 365 44.59 Ursula McKenna Walker Individual560 554 45.01 Fionn Black Walker Individual561 580 45.01 Bill Vaughan Walker Individual562 190 45.02 Fidelma McFadden Walker Individual563 332 45.02 Helen Doherty Walker Individual564 333 45.03 Ann Doherty Walker Individual565 578 45.04 Anna Vaughan Walker Individual566 598 45.08 Paddy Gildea Walker Individual567 406 45.09 Nicole Sheridan Walker Individual568 560 45.45 Jamie Spratt Walker Individual569 405 45.56 Eileen McConnell Walker Individual570 367 46.00 Niamh McHugh Walker Individual571 368 46.29 Michaela McHugh Walker Individual572 483 46.29 Barry McBrearty Walker Individual573 584 46.30 Rosaleen McDaid Walker Individual574 585 46.30 Pauline Callan Walker Individual575 489 47.00 Anne McDaid Walker Individual576 364 47.04 Cody Friel Walker Individual577 481 47.05 Nadine McBrearty Walker Individual578 499 47.16 Aoife Devine Walker Individual579 408 47.16 Lily O’Connor Walker Individual580 407 47.20 Siobhan McCloone Walker Individual581 409 47.24 Patrick O’Connor Walker Individual582 482 47.24 Joe McBrearty Walker Individual583 496 47.24 Mary C Devine Walker Individual584 563 47.25 Kathy Conneely Walker Individual585 564 47.26 Bridgeen harley Walker Individual586 463 47.47 Claire Patton Walker Individual587 566 47.48 Shania McLaughlin Walker Individual26 June 2014 Page 19 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club588 286 47.53 Teresa Marie Walsh Walker Individual589 345 47.54 Orla Faul Walker Individual590 279 47.54 Paddy Ronaghan Walker Individual591 330 47.54 Grainne Martin Walker Individual592 352 48.01 Jason Browne Walker Individual593 487 48.02 Katie Marie Langan Walker Individual594 185 48.03 Stacey Crossan Walker Individual595 331 48.03 Tina Martin Walker Individual596 344 48.05 Amanda Faul Walker Individual597 568 48.14 patrick Diver Walker Individual598 187 48.14 Kyle Diver Walker Individual599 445 48.18 Karen Duddy Walker Individual600 350 48.29 Jimmy McFadden Walker Individual601 191 48.30 Peter McFadden Walker Individual602 426 48.30 Paddy Tinney Walker Individual603 479 48.37 Betty Synan Walker Individual604 427 48.37 Joanne Tinney Walker Individual605 12 48.38 Karl Crossan SM Individual606 260 48.39 Linda Crossan Walker Individual607 468 48.40 Ryan Lynch Walker Individual608 441 48.41 Dylan Devenney Walker Individual609 440 48.45 Deirdre Devenney Walker Individual610 688 48.45 Jude Patton Walker Individual611 442 48.47 Michelle Murray Walker Individual612 698 49.09 Louise McDaid Walker Individual613 437 49.12 Sile McGrenra Walker Individual614 438 49.12 Maureen Murray Walker Individual615 379 49.13 Lisa McConnell Walker Individual616 362 49.13 Sinead Davenport Walker Individual617 288 49.13 Eunise Boyle Walker Individual618 581 49.23 Hannah Sweeney Walker Individual26 June 2014 Page 20 of 21Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club619 189 49.23 Jonathan McGarrigle Walker Individual620 188 49.28 Marian McGarrigle Walker Individual621 556 49.36 Cara Black Walker Individual622 383 49.36 Jade McCollum Walker Individual623 386 49.37 Aine Donnelly Walker Individual624 381 49.43 Brid Kelly Walker Individual625 562 49.48 Nora Magee Walker Individual626 589 49.48 Sue McGlynn Walker Individual627 180 50.05 Patricia McMonagle Walker Individual628 704 50.22 Siobhan Duddy Walker Individual629 296 51.22 Orlaith Maguire Walker Individual630 382 51.36 Eileen Donnelly Walker Individual631 385 51.36 Niamh Donnelly Walker Individual632 425 51.57 Kathleen McDaid Walker Individual633 252 51.57 Margaret Rose Scott Walker Individual634 689 52.00 Hannah Patton Walker Individual635 295 52.08 Mary Temple Walker Individual636 310 52.26 Teresa Mc Devitt Walker Individual637 287 52.26 Roisin Kelly Walker Individual638 714 52.26 Margaret McGlynn Walker Individual639 571 52.32 Clodagh Duddy Walker Individual640 684 52.32 Cora Duddy Walker Individual641 559 52.33 Ollie Fitzpatrick Walker Individual642 569 52.33 Patricia Fitzpatrick Walker IndividualPICTURE SPECIAL AND RESULTS FROM THE GLENSWILLY 5K was last modified: June 26th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:5kathleticsglenswillynewspicture specialSportlast_img read more

How Many Apps Did Apple’s Incentivized Install Policy Change Affect?

first_imgRole of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement sarah perez This report and other research is available here from Xyologic.com. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Many iPhone app developers, specifically, game developers, looking to increase their apps’ visibility among the hundreds of thousands of applications available in iTunes today, have been using incentivized installs to increase their download numbers. These programs allowed end users who didn’t want to pay for in-app purchases and virtual goods another way to continue playing their favorite games. All users had to do was simply download an app from another developer, in return for credits which could be spent in the game they were currently playing.But Apple recently changed its policy in this area, and will no longer allow publishers participating in these sorts of programs into the iTunes App Store due to what Apple said was “an excessive influence in the listing order or ranking on the App Store.”How many games were potentially affected by this change? A new report from app store search company Xyologic aims to find out.The Mobile Gaming Market as a WholeTo date, Apple has sold over 189 million iOS devices to date, and has delivered over 10 billion downloads, according to Apple’s latest quarterly earnings report. Many of these apps are free.According to Xyologic’s data, which comes from an index of over 610,000 apps in iTunes, the Android Market, and Windows Phone’s Marketplace, 80.8% of all iPhone downloads during March 2011 were free apps. Also in March, there were 99.9 million downloads of free iPhone games. 39.9% of those games were free.Among the paid offerings, most paid games are priced below $3.99, says Xyologic. But even at these low prices, the industry is booming, Xyologic says, citing research from mobile analytics firm which estimates the iOS and Android share of the U.S. video game industry in terms of revenue is now at 8%, or more than $800 million in 2010.Outside of simply charging for the download, many developers have found success by embracing the “free to play” business model. In these cases, the apps are free, but users can purchase in-app upgrades and virtual goods while playing using real money. Games that are “free to play” generally attract a larger audience than those that are paid.Games with In-App PurchasesWhile Xyologic can’t specifically track how many games had been using incentivized installs directly, it has been tracking the market of games using in-app purchases. This gives an overview of the market that has potentially been affected by Apple’s change. Obviously, not all apps offering in-app purchases use incentivized installs, but those that do would be in this group.As of March, out of the 8,017 iPhone apps offering in-app purchases, 2,156 of them were free games with in-app purchases. This number is up from 709 in September 2010. As a percentage, it’s 10.8% of all free iPhone games (in the U.S. App Store, it should be noted.)While those games with in-app purchases many be a small group, they have a disproportionate share of the App Store’s highest rankings: 94 out of the top 150 top free games (63%) are those offering in-app purchases. They also contribute to 42.17% of downloads in this range. But were these ill-gotten rankings and download numbers, as Apple claims? We will only know the answer to that in time, as the after-effects of the ban play out.What this change represents, explains Xyologic, is the biggest interference by Apple into the app economy itself in recent months. It puts the “free to play” model into question, and may even help swing momentum in Android’s favor, the company speculates. Xyologic notes that it saw 28,963 apps debut in the Android Market in March, while 18,787 arrived in iTunes.For what it’s worth, these are the top ten game publishers using in-app purchases in March 2011. Related Posts Tags:#Apple#apps#marketing#mobile Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Polls are a mere formality, says Fadnavis

first_imgThe Assembly elections are a mere formality and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has already secured the public’s mandate through the overwhelming response to its Mahajanadesh Yatra, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said on Friday.He was speaking at the commencement of the third leg of the State-wide tour, which entered Ahmednagar district on Friday and is to cover western and northern Maharashtra in the next few days.Taking potshots at the Congress and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Mr. Fadnavis said: “The results to the election are a foregone conclusion… the few big leaders that the opposition has at the moment, like Ajit Pawar, Prithviraj Chavan, Ashok Chavan and Supriya Sule, must get into the practice of remaining there for a long time to come as it will be impossible to dislodge the BJP in the State and the Centre for the next 25 years.”“Several people ask me what is the need of this Yatra as no pehelwan (political heavyweight) in the opposition party is left to take the field. I tell them that it is the BJP’s tradition to thank the people for their wholehearted support, detail our achievements in the past five years and take a firm resolution to finish unfulfilled tasks,” said the Chief Minister, adding that the erstwhile Congress-NCP government had squandered the good will of the people despite being given a chance to develop the State for 15 years.Promising that every person in the State would have a roof over their heads by 2021, Mr. Fadnavis claimed that no previous government had taken up and fulfilled so many public welfare projects in a span of five years.Mr. Fadnavis said the BJP-Sena government had given ₹50,000 crore in financial aid to farmers in the last five years in contrast to the ₹20,000 crore doled out by the Congress-NCP government during its 15-year regime.Claiming that Maharashtra now topped the country in investment and industry, the Chief Minister said that the government had improved the infrastructure in the rural hinterland, completing 22,000 km of rural roads under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.Reiterating that the Opposition’s allegation of electronic voting machine (EVM) tampering was “ludicrous”, he said: “They [the Congress-NCP and others] do not realise that it is [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi who is in the minds of every voter whenever he presses the button.”Mr. Fadnavis addressed public meetings in Akole and Sangamner, the bastions of former National Congress Party (NCP) veteran Madhukar Pichad and State Congress chief Balasaheb Thorat respectively.Mr. Pichad and his son Vaibhav Pichad, who is the sitting MLA of Akole, left the NCP to join the BJP last month.Praising the father-son duo, Mr. Fadnavis said: “The BJP has grown in strength in Akole ever since Mr. Pichad threw in his lot with us…Vaibhav Pichad, who is an articulate and knowledgable legislator, will be re-elected by a record margin in the upcoming polls.”last_img read more

Atletico Madrid eye 2015 repeat to stage “impossible” turnaround against Real Madrid

first_imgAtletico Madrid have built a reputation for gargantuan achievements under coach Diego Simeone and have not given up hope of a remarkable turnaround against Real Madrid in Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final second leg.Last week’s chastening 3-0 defeat at the Bernabeu left Atletico needing a repeat of their sensational 4-0 win over their fierce local rivals in La Liga in 2015 to prevent a fourth straight European defeat by Real side who have not lost by more than one goal this campaign.Real have also scored in each of their last 60 games in all competitions, increasing the likelihood of an away goal which would oblige Atletico to win by four goals to reach the final.Real thrashed Granada 4-0 on Saturday despite Zinedine Zidane making nine changes from the team that beat Atletico so convincingly, while Simeone only rested one player in his side’s 1-0 victory over Eibar.With Real feeling fresher and their confidence soaring as they remain on track to win the domestic title, all signs point to the 11-times European champions piling more misery on their neighbors who they beat in the 2014 and 2016 finals.Simeone, however, offered a typically defiant message ahead of the second leg, alluding to his side’s remarkable title win in 2014 and their Champions League successes over the likes of Barcelona, Chelsea and Bayern Munich.”On Wednesday we have an extremely difficult game which for some would be impossible, but not for us,” Simeone told reporters.”After the last game I told the players it was very tough, that we’re facing the best team in the world that scores in every game but we can do it. I’m convinced we can, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t say so.”advertisementCaptain Gabi, meanwhile, is taking inspiration from Barcelona’s record-breaking comeback from a four-goal deficit against Paris St Germain this season.”Of course we can do it, look at Barcelona, and they had an even more difficult result,” he said.”We’re convinced we can do it, we’re going to fight for it and if not we can at least go out with our heads held high.”Atletico were boosted on Sunday by the return of defender Jose Gimenez to training although they are still without right backs Juanfran and Sime Vrsaljko, who they missed badly in the first leg as they struggled to cause Real’s defence any problems.Real have won only one of their last eight league games against Atletico but have found the magic formula against their rivals in the Champions League, which winger Lucas Vazquez said was due to their history in the competition.”Real Madrid have a special connection with Europe and the fans feel the same way. Playing in a Champions League game for Madrid gives you goosebumps,” he said.”Every game against Atletico is difficult because they are a great team but we know how to beat them.”last_img read more


first_imgTFA and all regions of Queensland have now reached agreement to moving forward in a cooperative manner for the betterment of the sport. TFA will also fully support the installation of a State Council Executive made up of one delegate from each of the six regions in Queensland.Regional Council Executives are currently being formalised in each region, who will in turn appoint a delegate to the State Council Executive.The first State Council Executive meeting could occur before the end of the May, which will be a major milestone for all concerned. The State Council Executive will have a critical role in providing ongoing support, direction, feedback and advice to TFA.last_img

19 days agoLeonardo Spinazzola pens new Roma deal

first_imgLeonardo Spinazzola pens new Roma dealby Carlos Volcano19 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLeonardo Spinazzola has extended his Roma contract to June 2024.The fullback arrived from Juventus over the summer with a deal running to June 2023.But he has convinced the Giallorossi so much that they already got him to sign a new and improved deal.The 26-year-old made the move from Juve for €29.5m as part of an exchange with Luca Pellegrini going to Turin. TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Walmart sorry for confusion over end of program for people with disabilities

first_imgMONTREAL – Walmart Canada is apologizing for the way it chose to end its involvement with a Quebec program that provides job training for people with intellectual disabilities.Spokesman Robert Nicol says the company’s goal in withdrawing from the program was to find other ways to help the participants, including through direct employment.The retailer has been facing criticism since a health agency in central Quebec told the media earlier this week that the program’s participants would be losing their jobs.Walmart has not confirmed why it is pulling out of the program, which is run by local agencies and provides work experience for people with intellectual disabilities or who are on the autism spectrum.Nicol says the retailer acknowledges that the way it handled the matter caused confusion and disappointment.He says the company would be working with all the participants to find them new arrangements or to hire them directly.last_img read more

How major US stock indexes fared Wednesday

first_imgThe roller-coaster ride on Wall Street resumed on Wednesday as stocks plunged at the start of the first trading day of the new year, then slowly recovered and finished a little higher.On Wednesday:The S&P 500 index added 3.18 points, or 0.1 per cent, to 2,510.03.The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 18.78 points, or 0.1 per cent, to 23,346.24.The Nasdaq composite jumped 30.66 points, or 0.5 per cent, to 6,665.94.The Russell 2000 index of smaller-company stocks climbed 7.35 points, or 0.5 per cent, to 1,355.90.For the week:The S&P 500 is up 24.29 points, or 1 per cent.The Dow is up 283.84 points, or 1.2 per cent.The Nasdaq is up 81.42 points or 1.2 per cent.The Russell 200 is up 17.98 points, or 1.3 per cent.The Associated Presslast_img

Get to know the two candidates vying to be the next mayor

first_imgProsko, meanwhile, is seeking to be elected to public office for the first time in this year’s election. Most recently serving as Taylor’s community services director for four and a half years, Prosko previously owned Prosko Group Productions Inc. – a public relations and event management company based in Vancouver and Toronto. She also worked with former premiers Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark, along with Liberal MP Hedy Fry.The two mayoral candidates, along with other council candidates, took part in an all-candidates forum hosted by the District last Thursday.Both candidates were provided with a list of eight questions so that residents can get to know them and their policies. Their answers are listed below. Why do you want to become mayor of Taylor?Fraser: I feel I still have more to give back to the community that has supported me and my family for 26 years.Prosko: I would like to become Mayor of Taylor because we need good governance, leadership and a policy focused council. Taylor is a gem in the heart of the peace region and it needs a clear vision for the next four years and for future prosperity. TAYLOR, B.C. – While this year’s municipal election in Fort St. John has been a relatively tame affair, things are a bit more exciting in the District of Taylor.Unlike in Fort St. John where mayor Lori Ackerman has been acclaimed for the second election in a row, this year’s election will be the second in four years in which residents will get to choose which candidate they prefer to be the District’s next mayor.Incumbent mayor Rob Fraser is seeking re-election after winning the race in 2014 to succeed Fred Jarvis, who retired after serving as Taylor’s mayor for 28 years. Fraser won that election with 53 percent of the vote, beating Brad Filmer and Wayne Wilmot. Prior to 2014, he was a councillor in Taylor for 12 years and also worked for the Worker’s Compensation Board for ten years after a career in the oil and gas industry. What are three things Taylor needs to spend more money on?Fraser: Safety of our staff, the safety of our community, and preventative maintenance.Prosko: The District of Taylor needs to be more effective with public engagement and consultation to ask the residents and stakeholders what they would like to see for their community. After speaking with many residents while doorknocking on my campaign, three things for Taylor that keep coming up are – 1) upkeep and safety of our infrastructure, 2) police presence and public safety and 3) before and after school care for our family-friendly community. What are three things Taylor needs to spend less money on?Fraser: Everyone would like to see the subsidies to all services come down.Prosko: The District of Taylor should aim to reduce subsidy on the medical clinic which is currently at $8000.00 per month and reduce subsidy on the Lone Wolf golf course. The current council implemented a meeting fee per diem, over and above their renumeration, and I don’t believe a meeting fee per diem is the right thing to do as it can get out of hand quickly. Where do you see Taylor in 4 years?Fraser: Taylor will continue to be a dynamic partner in the region. Its responsible growth will attract residents and business to locate here.Prosko: I see Taylor in four years as a safe, family friendly community with a developed commercial core including a grocery store, restaurants, small businesses and entrepreneurs. It will be back on track with the vision in the official community plan that includes walkability, safety and a thriving community. What’s your favourite movie?Fraser: I have two; “Old Yeller” as one of the first movies I saw and the life lessons it teaches; “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” for its theme of leadership under trying conditions.Prosko: One of my favourite movies is on repeat at my house as my daughter and I both love it: “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. I also love “The Zookeepers Wife” – a poignant and important film. What are five albums you’d take with you if you knew you would be stranded on a desert island for five years.?Fraser:Marty Robbins “Gunfighter Ballads”Eagles “Greatest Hits 1971- 1975”Trooper “Hits from 10 Albums”Garth Brooks “In Pieces”Bryan Adams “Reckless”Prosko:Neil Diamond “Greatest Hits”Lenny Kravitz “5” (as I worked on that album to help market it while I was with Virgin Record Label, incredible experience)Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire”Michael Jackson “Thriller”Anything by Barbra Streisand or the Bee Gees!center_img What area of governance is the District currently excelling at?Fraser: Governance in Taylor is working well. Our council has been working hard at developing a culture of accountability and responsiveness. This culture is growing. Some people thrive in this type of environment, others do not.Prosko: The main reason why I am running for Mayor is that there has not been an area of governance that I have seen as progressive for our town within the past four years. The council has been very involved in staff operations, there have been multiple firings and positions left vacant which has been detrimental to operations. Council’s job is policy. What area of governance needs improving at the District?Fraser: Taylor is 60 years old. There is a need for a review of our services and delivery of those services. Our council has been advocating for a core services review, a service level review and an asset management plan.Prosko: My main focus would be a complete policy review. There are policies over two decades old. My opponent is working off the John Ronald report from 1989. I believe we should have policies and a vision for 2018 and going forward for our community, residents and stakeholders.last_img read more

Eagle Vision Video Production submits short film to Frantic48

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Eagle Vision took on the challenge and entered Frantic48, the Peace Region Independent Media Arts Association’s Annual 48 hour film challenge.Filmmaking teams compete to write, shoot and edit a two to six-minute short film based on a randomly selected genre, and a provided line of dialogue and prop to prevent entrants from being able to pre-record.Benjamin Haab, the Owner/ CEO/ Cinematographer for Eagle Vision Video Production, shares their crew for the Frantic48 were under the direction of Jesse Mc Callum, received the genre Sports and had to involve a talk show into the sportscast. The prop was a watch and the line of dialogue was ‘Who are you?’ Haab shares, as the filmmaker you really don’t know what you are getting. “It’s an insane amount of time to write, film, edit, colour correct, graphics and deliver the project down to Grande Prairie in the allotted 48 hours and the company still maintained other paying projects.”The best films will be screened as part of the Reel Shorts Film Festival in Grande Prairie, Alberta on Sunday, May 12, 2019.According to Haab, there was a lesser response this year than the previous year to the film challenge. Last year there were 13 teams that were completed on time and only four teams submitted within the deadline.‘Game, Set, Match’ will be uploaded to FB once the Reel Shorts Film Festival completes.To view Eagle Visions FB Page; CLICK HERElast_img read more