360 Video Launches on Vimeo

first_imgNot just for streaming, 360-video creators can now sell 360-degree content on Vimeo.All images via Vimeo. The major Vimeo updates just keep coming. Following the new video review pages and Premiere Pro panel, Vimeo has now gone full 360!Today Vimeo takes on immersive storytelling with support for 360 video.Vimeo’s creator community is known for pioneering new video formats and pushing the boundaries of storytelling. With this launch we hope to usher in a new wave of immersive content that sets the standard for cinematic quality and powerful narratives in a 360 environment. We believe Vimeo creators are the missing piece to taking 360 video from nascent to mainstream — Anjali Sud, Vimeo Creator Platform SVP & GM360 Video Launches on Vimeo – Mobile AppVimeo supports high-res 360 video up to 8K. To give viewers the optimal playback experience, users can stream or view HD offline in the Vimeo mobile app. Vimeo will support both monoscopic and stereoscopic video, and it will allow users to add metadata or customize the player embed settings as well as capture email or insert a call-to-action directly in the embedded player.The 360-video player includes a compass to orient viewers, and it will allow creators to set their field of view to choose the exact point where the video begins.Vimeo has always been committed to preserving and delivering the highest quality video and our move into 360 expands our premium video technology solution to 360 filmmakers. Their stories now benefit from our advanced video compression and player customization tools, along with streaming and offline viewing in up to 4K. — Sara Poorsattar, Vimeo Director of Video ProductFor those new to 360-degree content, Vimeo is also launching 360 Video School — offering educational resources to help creators learn the basics with in-depth tutorials on 360 cameras, shooting, and post-production.As with traditional Vimeo content, PRO and Business users will have the ability to sell the 360 videos through Vimeo On Demand. Creators can choose to rent, sell, or offer subscriptions — with the ability to set prices and distribution regions. Vimeo promises that users will take home 90% of revenue after transaction costs.You can experience Vimeo 360 right now with a curated collection of 360-degree videos from the likes of Staff Pick alumni and organizations like the American Museum of Natural History.You can view 360 videos now on iOS and Android devices through the Vimeo mobile app. Currently compatible with smartphone-powered VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, Zeiss VR One, and Google Daydream, Vimeo 360 will soon be available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.What are your thoughts on Vimeo 360? Let us know in the comments below.last_img read more

Is BJP afraid of Shivaji Maharaj, asks Uddhav Thackeray

first_imgAfter the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) — led by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray — won the trust vote in the Maharashtra Assembly on Saturday, Mr Thackeray took on the BJP over allegations that the swearing-in of the government had violated procedures, with ministers taking oath in the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and Mahatma Phule.“I never imagined that the opposition would go to such a petty level and target us. Why should I be afraid of taking Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s name before my oath? How can it be wrong? I did it and I will do it again if necessary,” Mr Thackeray told reporters after the trust vote.Earlier in the day, Maharashtra BJP president Chandrakant Patil while speaking to reporters had claimed that the Chief Minister could not be sworn in unless he was a member of either of the Assembly or Council.NCP spokesperson and senior MLA Nawab Malik responded that Mr. Patil should have spoken to his leader Narendra Modi before making the allegation as the latter became the chief minister of Gujarat in 2002 when he was not the member of either house.Also Read Uddhav Thackeray wins trust vote with 169 ayes  “Governor’s letter clearly mention that Uddhavji will have to become member of any of the two of the Houses in six months. Does Chandrakant Patil not agree with Governor?” Mr. Malik asked.On the swearing-in ceremony, Mr Patil said, “The new government has defied State legislature rules right from its swearing-in ceremony.”“We have faith in late Balasaheb Thackeray, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Babasaheb Ambedkar. But oath has to be taken in a particular format. It is not considered an oath if it is not taken in that format. A petition is being filed before Governor contending that the swearing-in was illegal,” he added.Cabinet Minister and NCP leader Jayant Patil took on the BJP in the Assembly. “Why is the BJP opposing taking names of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar? Why are they against these great people? They have just shown the mentality which they have been nurturing for generations,” said Mr Patil. He also the allegations an attempt by both Mr. Fadnavis and Mr. Patil to win the Leader of Opposition post.Former advocate general of Maharashtra and senior counsel Shreehari Aney questioned the grounds for the BJP’s legal challenge. He said, “You don’t like something because you don’t get to sit on the treasury benches [that] doesn’t mean that there is possible court case.“(With inputs from Sonam Saigal)last_img read more

Seven Deceased after NYK Boxship US Warship Collide

first_imgThe remains of seven sailors previously reported missing following a collision between a US Navy warship and a containership on June 17, were located in flooded berthing compartments aboard the USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62).The US Navy informed that the remains were found on June 18 after divers gained access to the spaces, which were damaged in the collision.The warship collided with the Philippine-flagged containership ACX Crystal, operated by Japan’s NYK Line, at around 2:30 a.m. local time, some 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan.USS Fitzgerald experienced flooding and extensive damage, including a significant impact under the ship’s pilothouse on the starboard side and a large puncture below the ship’s waterline, according to the US Navy.The extent of the damage aboard the 39,565 dwt containership is not known at the moment.ACX Crystal moved to a berth in Tokyo, where its crew was questioned as part of an investigation into the collision. According to AIS data provided by MarineTraffic, the boxship is currently moored at Japan’s Yokohama port.Three seafarers were medevaced following the incident, one of whom was Cmdr. Bryce Benson, Fitzgerald’s commanding officer.last_img read more

Walmart sorry for confusion over end of program for people with disabilities

first_imgMONTREAL – Walmart Canada is apologizing for the way it chose to end its involvement with a Quebec program that provides job training for people with intellectual disabilities.Spokesman Robert Nicol says the company’s goal in withdrawing from the program was to find other ways to help the participants, including through direct employment.The retailer has been facing criticism since a health agency in central Quebec told the media earlier this week that the program’s participants would be losing their jobs.Walmart has not confirmed why it is pulling out of the program, which is run by local agencies and provides work experience for people with intellectual disabilities or who are on the autism spectrum.Nicol says the retailer acknowledges that the way it handled the matter caused confusion and disappointment.He says the company would be working with all the participants to find them new arrangements or to hire them directly.last_img read more

US Ambassador to Canada visits Calgary talks NAFTA

first_imgWearing a Canada hockey jersey with Humboldt on the back, United States Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft made a pitch to Canadians to invest and grow their businesses south of the border.The comments were made during her first official visit to Calgary on Thursday.I’m no stranger to a cowboy hat, but this one is extra special. Thank you for the kind welcome to Calgary, Mayor @nenshi! #StampedeReady #yyc pic.twitter.com/A2eg0aGPAh— Ambassador Kelly Craft (@USAmbCanada) April 12, 2018She also discussed NAFTA and assured everyone it would be resolved and work for the next 25 years.“In general, the United States, Canada and Mexico have been pretty happy with NAFTA as it was originally agreed,” Craft said. “But that rising tide hasn’t lifted all boats evenly.”Craft also said foreign investment in the U.S. is about 20 per cent of GDP.“It is not a coincidence that almost all of Canada’s top domestic companies and largest employers have significant US operations.”She cited several success stories, including business app Slack, which started in Vancouver. It’s now based in San Francisco and generates more than $60-million in annual revenue. She also recognized Calgary’s Minhas Micro Brewery, which expanded to the U.S. and has seen strong growth.last_img read more

Hiccups along the road to development

first_imgGoverning a country is a mammoth task per se, however, with the resources readily at disposal, the task becomes easier. Accusing the former UPA dispensation of a heap of failures, the then Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and BJP had left no stone unturned to showcase UPA’s inconsistencies, citing them detrimental to the development of the country. Marred with scams, UPA-II saw an obvious conclusion to its tumultuous regime with a right-wing nationalist voted to power. A plethora of welfare schemes and opposition failures raked up the saffron party’s popularity enabled BJP to register a thumping majority in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Since then, India has unarguably progressed. The government perceives the past five years under Modi as an exponential rise in terms of development due to their proactive efforts as summed up by various leaders of the lotus party – drawing sharp contrast from UPAs combined ten years. While development, undoubtedly, happened as it should have given the government’s responsibility, terming it exponential would be an exaggeration. And, with development came the hiccups that blemished the current dispensation’s “acche din” narrative. Also Read – A compounding difficultyDemonetisation remains the biggest of decisions in policymaking, singlehandedly bringing the entire nation to a standstill. The country listened as PM Modi in his speech on November 8, 2016, around 8 PM announced how from midnight onwards, all 500 and 1000 rupee notes would no longer be valid currency. The expectation was concise and focussed that with demonetisation, those holding onto untaxed black money will be caught. At the time, 500 and 1000 rupee notes comprised 86 per cent of all cash in circulation and hence their withdrawal meant undertaking a massive operation. Modi’s speech had three sharp aims of ending corruption – a predominant feature of BJPs manifesto – along with slashing down fake notes and financing to terrorists. Markets struggled as demonetisation hit the floors with long queues for changing the void currency visible across the country. Demonetisation did not impact the GDP much but it landed a heavy blow to the informal sector. Demonetisation, based on its initial aim, was somewhat influential in the thumping victory that BJP registered in UP elections as well. However, as Modi’s tenure progressed, the aim of demonetisation shifted drastically with the motive being to make India a cashless economy which will pave way for digital payments. In this regard, the government treats demonetisation as a success but still limits references to same in its campaign. If demonetisation was such a success as it is claimed to be, curiosity pertains as to why it is not at the tip of the tongue of BJP leaders and the government, who stopped mentioning the move. GST followed demonetisation as the new tax regime further affected the economy owing to a hasty implementation. The haste was such that streamlining products and processes took the entire of the remaining tenure. Also Read – An askew democracyWhile India was overcoming the economic shock, mob violence saw a drastic rise. Five years saw a rise in religious fanaticism and fake news on social media as catalysts to a spate of mob attacks across India. Cow protection was at the heart of this as cow vigilantes rose to assault those accused of either killing cows or transporting them to slaughter. These vigilantes enjoyed impunity under the garb of political support which did not do much to prevent lynching from becoming prominent in society. Dadri (September 2015), Jharkhand (March 2016), Una (July 2016), Rajasthan Highway (June 2017), Hapur (June 2018), et al, are instances where civilians were attacked by the enraged mob and justice remained a far cry. Since 2015, according to IndiaSpend, 117 cow protection-related incidents of violence happened and as per Quint, 88 people have been killed in lynchings across India. Lynching did not soar high just because of cow protection but other apprehensions such as child lifting were also singled out as reasons behind the unruly mob justice. Social media facilitated lynching via its massive outreach as fake news ushered mob gatherings and eventual killings. The government went largely silent on this as an incapable administration struggled to find a remedy. The infamous CBI infighting – an unfortunate spectacle for the entire nation – further corroborated popular beliefs that CBI functions as a political tool. Famously called the “caged parrot” by SC in May 2013, CBI was tagged as UPA’s puppet by Modi himself when he said “Congress will not fight the next Lok Sabha elections but will field CBI instead” back in 2013 as PM candidate. Yet, Modi could do little to remedy this tarnished reputation of CBI. Instead, in his tenure, CBI ascended to unprecedented turmoil with the top two cops of the agency accusing each other of graft charges. No Lokpal – additional watchdog on government and agencies – was there to check the regressive affairs of the most prestigious investigation agency despite the Lokpal Act being passed in 2013. NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) rocked the North East as their terms offered conflicting definitions of citizenship. BJP’s claim that CAB aims to give shelter to persecuted minorities came in conflict with dissents from JPC members who posed the question that why did CAB discriminate between migrants on the basis of country and religion when it rode on a humanitarian impulse to provide relief to people. Both NRC and CAB have kept the North East on the edge as the government’s actions promoted regional polarisation in Assam. Meanwhile, Kashmir witnessed increased militancy, mass protests, rising death toll and polarisation between Muslim-dominated Kashmir and Hindu-majority Jammu. In the five years, recruitment of youth to militant groups proliferated and so did the anti-militancy operations which ensured turmoil in the troubled valley, indefinitely. In 2017, gunfights concluded in the killing of 213 militants while 2018 saw 225 gunned down and civilian casualty as collateral damage was overlooked. Surgical Strikes along LoC and increased ceasefire violations (sharp rise since the UPA regime) featured as Kashmir and peace became the two ends of a continuum, if they were not already. In June 2018, the state government collapsed as BJP walked out of the BJP-PDP coalition and the state assembly was dissolved despite a historic partnership between NC and PDP with Congress to claim power. As far as Pakistan is concerned, Modi’s stance meandered across his term. From holding talks and formulating what could be better Indo-Pak ties, the situation deteriorated to heightened tensions along the border. Uri and Pulwama forced Modi to take up an offensive stance as India retaliated on both occasions. However, as always, the issue of the troublesome neighbour saw no gross improvement with Modi’s tenure being no different than any others’ in this regard. The controversial Rafale deal is stuck in the corridors of the apex court and arouses curiosity over the leaked documents which cite PMO’s indulgence in defence deals – yet another issue which blemishes Modi’s credibility. All in all, development went hand in hand with controversy, and as such, did not let Modi’s “acche din” narrative stand apart in utter limelight. Governance in the past five years has definitely been constructive but simultaneously regressive on some fronts too and it all depends on how one perceives these two sides of the five years before choosing a new government.last_img read more

MCC violations by PM Modi Shah SC seeks EC response

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court Tuesday sought the response of the Election Commission on a plea by a Congress MP alleging Model Code of Conduct (MCC) violations by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah on their alleged hate speeches and using armed forces for “political propaganda”.A bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said the poll panel was free to pass orders on the complaint of Sushmita Dev, Congress Lok Sabha MP from Silchar in Assam and President of ‘All India Mahila Congress’. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss account details under automatic exchange frameworkThe bench, also comprising Justices S K Kaul and K M Joseph, fixed Dev’s plea for hearing on Thursday. Dev has alleged that “inaction” by EC on complaints against top BJP leaders was “a sign of invidious discrimination” as also “arbitrary, capricious and impermissible” as it was destructive of the integrity of the electoral process. In a related development, the Election Commission Tuesday gave a clean chit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his April 1st speech in Wardha. While referring to Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s decision to also contest from Kerala’s Wayanad constituency, PM Modi had said the party was taking “refuge in areas where the majority is in minority”. See insidelast_img read more

Hamsiks agent full of praise for Carlo Ancelotti

first_imgMarek Hamsik’s agent has praised Napoli manager Carlo Ancelotti for making his client into an ‘almost perfect’ deep-lying playmaker.Hamsik has taken Jorginho’s role at Napoli after the Italy midfielder signed for Chelsea, and Martin Petras believes Ancelotti has transformed his client. Football Italia reports.“Marek still needs to improve in his new role, but it’s inevitable that he will,” he said after Napoli’s 2-1 win at Lazio on Saturday.“Marek has great qualities and I think Ancelotti giving him this new role was excellent, almost perfect. It’ll be a new stimulus for him.Sacchi explains Sarri, Conte, and Ancelotti Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Arrigo Sacchi talked about how Sarri has a tougher time at Juventus than Conte at Inter; while Ancelotti’s “blood is boiling” at Napoli.Arrigo Sacchi…“After all, you can always improve. Look at Federer, who continues to do so despite his age…“At the end of the game Marek was happy, his team won, it mattered for them and in my opinion he didn’t expect such a result at the Olimpico. No-one else did.“I think their players will be at peak fitness in a couple of weeks, in time for their Champions League debut.“Taking him off on 70 minutes? It was hot and a fair decision. It happened to him on Sunday, but it could happen to someone else next time.”last_img read more

Schmeichel remembers how Srivaddhanaprabha helped him

first_imgThe Leicester City goalkeeper knows the legacy the former manager left at the club after he tragically diedLeicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel continued talking about the importance former owner Viachi Srivaddhanaprabha had on his career.“He wasn’t in it to make money, he wanted to give. He had a passion for the club, for Leicester, all that he did for the city – the donations to the hospital and such,” Schmeichel remembered according to Sky Sports.“When I broke my foot I had to go down to London and we were playing against Manchester City in our first season back in the Premier League.”“He came to the hospital, picked me up and flew me back in his helicopter to Leicester to watch the game with him. He didn’t have to do that, but he did,” he added.“Unfortunately, [I remember] everything. Every little detail.”Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“I had family over from Denmark and I gave them a little look around the stadium and the pitch – the helicopter was always a big attraction,” he commented about the night the owner died.“We waved him off, waved him goodbye, and we kind of just watched him go up.. I’d seen him do it hundreds of times – it was a kind of ritual thing in the end.”“You could just tell something was wrong because it doesn’t normally stand still like that. And what unfolded, unfolded,” explained.“I ran straight out of the tunnel and round to that side of the stadium. People over that side of the stadium hadn’t seen what had gone on.”“So, I came sprinting out, shouting for people to call the police, one of our security guards saw me, ran after me,” he concluded.last_img read more

Unai Emery reveals Holding suffered serious injury

first_imgArsenal manager Unai Emery has revealed that Rob Holding suffered a serious knee injury during the team’s draw with Manchester United.The Gunners played a 2-2 draw with United at Old Trafford on Wednesday night but Holding was stretchered off nine minutes from the interval after a coming together with Marcus Rashford.But Emery, who revealed the extent of Holding’s injury, had better news for Arsenal fans, when he said Aaron Ramsey didn’t suffer a similar fate.He said, according to Sky Sports:Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“It’s the worst news for us today. We are going to wait for the doctor but maybe it’s a big injury with his knee.”“Aaron Ramsey is a small injury but after these two injuries, every player responded with good commitment and good mentality to keep in the difficult moments our performance in the game.”Holding appeared in 16 games for Arsenal in all competitions this season with captain and first choice centre-back Laurent Koscielny still out with an injury.The Gunners continue their 20 games unbeaten following their draw at Old Trafford but slipped to fifth on the Premier League table.last_img read more